New to Netflix

It’s a new semester and with it brings another level of procrastination, and what better to procrastinate with than a whole new array of Netflix releases. Even though the month is already half over, there are still some amazing releases that are coming to digital streaming to aid in the already phenomenal procrastination habits of  college students.

Zootopia (Sept. 20):

Pixar blew audiences away earlier this year with the animal-infused world of Zootopia. “Zootopia” follows Judy Hopps, a bunny who wants to be the first ever rabbit police officer. It goes through her struggles dealing with prejudices and stereotypes as she attempts to achieve her dream. As things start to go awry in this zoo-themed utopia and animals start to go missing, Officer Hopps is on the case as she pairs up with an unlikely partner, a con-artist fox. This movie has its ups and downs: while the animation is stellar and the humor was written for adults and children alike, some of the jokes feel too easy. (One scene in particular comes to mind: sloths being slow at the DMV? Kind of obvious.) That being said, “Zootopia” is a great movie to watch with a group of people on a cold September afternoon.

Marvel’s Luke Cage Season 1 (Sept. 30):

Netflix is no stranger to the dark, gritty superhero drama. They managed to blow away audiences with their version of “Daredevil” and continued to build on their success with the mind-blowing “Jessica Jones.” Netflix is back at it with their latest Marvel based television show “Luke Cage.” Cage was a character in “Jessica Jones,” but there was still a lot of mystery to be had with the hero. In their new show, Netflix plans to delve deeper into the mind of Luke Cage as the anti-hero escapes prison and becomes a sort of mercenary as he acts as a superhero for hire. Netflix has proven their abilities in the past with adapting Marvel comics, and “Luke Cage”’ should be no different.

The White Helmets (Sept. 16):

In this Netflix-original documentary, the viewer is instantly thrown into war-torn Syria with an opening scene involving men with stretchers running towards a pile of rubble. A young boy and girl emerge from the rubble, when suddenly a loud bang rings and the remnants of the building collapse as the screen turns black. “The White Helmets” follows a group of volunteers in Syria, a country torn by war and constant bombardments of artillery. These volunteers are part of a rescue team hoping to save as many civilians as possible from the horrendous atrocities of war. The movie specifically follows three people: a former builder, a blacksmith and a tailor. They are struggling to find the proper training to keep up with the ever-declining war zone of Syria. Releasing Friday, Sept. 16, “The White Helmets” takes the viewer into the dark, ruinous land that is modern-day Syria and hopes to inspire the viewer, even if the content may be disturbing to some.