New On Netflix: April

With finals week looming on the horizon, there is no better way to spend your time than procrastinating with Netflix. That being said, not everything coming to Netflix is actually worth watching. So set aside some time that could be better suited spent in a book, and watch some slightly odd movie selections.


Devote Your Full Attention

Hush (Available April 8th)


In “Hush,” Maddie (Kate Siegal) is a deaf woman who lives in a secluded house in the middle of nowhere. One dreary night, she discovers she is being stalked by a psychotic killer. Like most horror movies, she has to fight for her survival. However, “Hush” differs from other horror movies in that the protagonist is actually a competent human being. Also, the fact that she’s deaf adds a whole new level of fear to the film, unlike anything since the great 1967 thriller “Wait Until Dark.”


Look Who’s Back (Available April 9th)


Well, Hitler is still alive. In “Look Who’s Back,” Hitler (Oliver Masucci) wakes up to find himself in the 21st century. He finds that life in Germany isn’t anything like he remembers, as technology has greatly advanced, people look much different and there’s an amazing new thing called the internet. The movie follows Hitler as he tries to adapt to modern life and find his place in the world. After searching, he finds his one true calling: comedy. Hitler lands a role on television as a stand-up comedian, and hilarity ensues. Although the movie is entirely in German, so most viewers will have to read subtitles, it is definitely worth watching. The movie greatly succeeds at remaining funny without being offensive.


Feel Free To Text

Walt Before Mickey (Available Now)


“Walt Before Mickey” follows Walt Disney from a young age as he grows up to be the famous animator we all know and love. He’s played by three different actors as he grows up. From a child, it shows that Walt always had a love for drawing, and as he got older, he became a professional. It shows how his career developed and how he seemingly was ruined early in his career. While “Walt Before Mickey” is inspiring and eye-opening, it tends to drag on. The movie also has cringe-worthy moments that take away from the rest of the film. Finally, the acting is sub-par, with the best performance being from David Henrie (Wizards of Waverly Place). It’s a good watch, but not something that’s worth devoting your full attention to.


Hey Look! There’s a Dog Outside!

Minions (Available April 24th)


“Despicable Me”’s minions were a huge success when they first hit the screen in 2010. From there, they became a cultural phenomenon as there were plushes, shorts and clothing made with their faces on them. It got to the point where they got their very own movie in 2015, as they evolved through the ages, serving as minions to the most villainous things they could find. They eventually travel to New York and befriend Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock), the most evil person they could find. While amusing, “Minions” greatly overstays its welcome. The movie would have been better as a series of shorts rather than a full-length movie. By the time the movie was finished, I never wanted to see another minion again, as I was thoroughly annoyed by their antics.