Brewponent: Outlaw Brewing

Good beer, good food service and a great atmosphere — when you think Montana, you think Outlaw Brewing. Todd Hough, the owner, recently shared information that was beyond exciting for both Bozeman and the state of Montana. “We have some really exciting new products coming out,” Hough said. “We are finally moving to can some of our favorite ales and we are going to be selling them in stores for anyone to buy.” Hough was excited to share two ales that will be on the store shelves soon — the Passive Aggressive Pale Ale and the Horse Thief IPA. While both ales were regulars to the Outlaw Brewery, their addition to the store shelves should be exciting to anyone that thinks themselves a brew connoisseur.

Hough said he started his brewery because “I’ve always loved craft beers and I needed to make it myself.” He chose the name Outlaw because he’s “always been enamoured with the Old West and it felt like a great fit for Montana.There doesn’t feel like there is a whole lot of cowboy left in Bozeman, so we wanted to bring it back to the older western theme that the state was built on.”

Hough got to talking about the Outlaw style and how it compares to some of the other breweries in Bozeman. “A lof of the other breweries in town have a sort of camaraderie with one another. A lot of us talk to each other, and don’t talk bad about each other and we share what we can in terms of information.” Hough said. “There’s a lot of conversation between us about how we do it and how to do it differently, and while we all do things in our own way there’s a lot of conversation about how some processes differ from others.”

While he likes to hear how other breweries operate, he said, “it doesn’t so much change the way that you do things, but it does help you to know how many other ways there are to do it.” He stressed that if anything, there is always an Outlaw way to do things: “All of our strains of yeast are in house. We don’t typically like to use the same base materials for different brews so it isn’t uncommon for us to bring in as many different strains as we can to diversify the flavor. Add to this that all our machinery is from repurposed machines and we aren’t above climbing into our machines to use our hands to make our brews and we really can capture the Old West brewing experience.”

What’s next for Outlaw? Hough was excited to say “We are going to be going into some refurbishing so that we can fit more people. We really feel that we aren’t giving enough space and it will be improved over the summer.” Hopefully the renovations will go quickly so that when you come and visit Outlaw in the summer you can get in have a few drinks and a good time. If you can’t wait that long however, you can feel free to swing by the Town and Country near campus and get Outlaw brews today.

Outlaw Brewery is located at 2876 N 27th Ave. Hough hopes to reopen in May. You can follow updates at