Unplayable is the new popular

Everyone knows that video games based on movies are some of the best titles to be released. Games like “The Spongebob Squarepants Movie” released on PlayStation 4, “Sharknado: The Video Game” released on iOS, and “Back to the Future,” released on NES, altered the future of gaming itself with their wildly intuitive controls, unique stories and introduction to entirely new types of gameplay. Unlike the wildly unsuccessful “Elder Scrolls” series, the “Portal” series and “Minecraft,” these games really crafted an in depth world with compelling characters and exciting Easter Eggs for dedicated fans.

It looks like “E.T. the Extraterrestrial” will be another of these completely unforgettable games. As a top-down adventure game, “E.T.” has opened the possibilities of video game genres and immersion experiences. By taking a bird’s eye (or alien’s eye) view of the action, the player will be put directly in the place of the characters — seeing them on the screen certainly doesn’t deter the gamer from that first person feeling. Adventure games are definitely a new experience for even the most time-devoting hobbyist. By creating a storyline that follows the plot of the movie loosely and requiring certain collectables, “E.T.” has revolutionized what it means to collect loot and explore a world.

The graphics are also stellar (pun intended). By simplifying and stylizing the art, it achieves a realistic but decidedly beautiful rendering of its source material. In fact, it makes one wish that Steven Spielberg had shot the movie in the same style.

The amount of work and time invested in “E.T.” really blows the user away. Gamers don’t tend to take too kindly to buggy, incomplete or rushed games, and “E.T.” assures them that that will not be the case. “E.T.” is fully fleshed out, a complete work of art that stands alone — no patches needed.

Arguably the best part about “E.T.” is that the game is single-player. After all, video games are always at their best when played alone, especially ones with plots this intricate. Movies are group experiences, so video games should be solo ones. After all, what else would one do on a Friday night but pop in “E.T.” and game by oneself until morning?

By releasing the game on the still relevant and commonly used Atari 2600 console, “E.T.” is setting itself up for success. The New York Times certainly agrees, reporting that video games based on successful movies would become “an increasingly profitable source” for video game development. Here’s hoping other video games take the lead. And at the low price of $70 for such an impressive game, what college student can resist?

If the low price point is still out of budget, not to worry. Atari is doing a giveaway for the first 50,000 customers to travel to a specific dump site in southern New Mexico. Games given away are in mint condition and definitely are not buried underneath tons of concrete and garbage. Out of this world!

To try out the game, visit the webpage at playr.org/play/e.t._the_extra_terrestrial_-_escape_from_planet_earth/872.

To purchase the game, visit: amazon.com/E-T-Extra-Terrestrial-atari-2600/dp/B0002VK8YA.


Editors note: this article appeared in the March 31, 2016 edition of the Exponent, the “Excrement”. The edition is the annual April Fool’s edition of the paper. All articles are satire. For questions and comments please contact editor@exponent.montana.edu or (406)994-2224.