New brews close to campus

It can be very easy to get swept up in the Bozeman brewery scene. Between Outlaw, 406, Map, Bridger and more, it can be quite easy to overlook the smaller places when you have the titans of Bozeman lording over you with their select brews. There is, however, a newcomer on the stage of the Bozeman craft brews. Bunkhouse Brewing opened with much fanfare on Leap Day this year and the exciting opening was well followed up by high quality beers.

The main attraction for any student of MSU has to be the location. Situated next door to Jimmy Johns just south of Roskie, Bunkhouse is so easily accessible that you may even be on the school Wi-Fi when you walk in the doors. It is in the perfect place for when classes get out early and you need to forget what you just learned.

The bartenders are not new to the brew-making scene and the quality of the crafts shows it. Their signature stout is known as the Sheepherder Stout, a nitro-pour that is as refreshing as it is potent. You would not be mistaken, however, to think that their signature Sabino Red is their calling card due to its award-winning flavor and its slightly under-carbonated taste that helps it go down incredibly smooth.

The bartenders said the current plan was to have one quarterly beer at a time but rotate them when the time is right. While this may not be a new sentiment, it is a refreshing one when compared to some other brew houses’ abysmal rotation schedules that show that they only change their brews once every six months. Where some other local breweries have become sort of a corporate establishment and every decision feels like it has to be approved by a board of directors, Bunkhouse is taking the indie micro brewing scene to the next level and doing exactly what feels right when it feels right. Currently, Bunkhouse is running two absolutely phenomenal brews in the rotation that are sure to bring even the most seasoned beer connoisseurs in to give them a try. The Yearling Pale Ale that has a deep malty taste so fresh it’s as though they grew the hops in the backyard of the storefront and the Long Tom Porter, which was sold out in a matter of hours after they opened their doors.

Any student that wants to get into the beer tasting scene would be remiss to skip Bunkhouse Brewing. While it may not be the biggest locale in Bozeman, it comes equipped with more than enough charm to compete with the giants such as 406 Brewing and Outlaw, and the biggest single benefit to the Bunkhouse is its smaller size — because if you are lucky enough to go in at the right time, you can see the love they put into their brews a few mere feet from the chairs. Bunkhouse Brewing may be new but that doesn’t make it any less deserving of your attention.

Bunkhouse Brewery is located at 1216 West Lincoln St. It is open Monday – Saturday, 12 – 8 p.m.

By Rolf Tengdin