Recently reopened Seven serves the best sushi in Bozeman

When you walk in the front doors of Seven, often referred to as Seven Sushi, you might be surprised to find that it isn’t like the other sushi places in town. It doesn’t try to give off a Japanese aesthetic, and it benefits from it. The closest thing they have to anything resembling an Asian atmosphere are the traditional paper sliding doors to the private rooms. The whole of Seven gives of a rustic industrial vibe that gives a modern spin to the sushi restaurant scene. The main concern you may have is how expensive sushi places can be with so little food given to you (also known as sushi syndrome). Normally this would be a problem with any Japanese-style restaurant, but a trip at happy hour will leave any visitor pleasantly surprised.

While appetizers normally run around $5 each, the happy hour prices bring it down from to around $2 each, in what is probably the most economical meal starter in the area. Their best umaki roll starts at $13 ($8 at happy hour) and is aptly named the Jaw Dropper, an uramaki roll made up of crawfish, cream cheese and mango that is tempura fried and will truly make your jaw drop. When it comes to drinks, Seven has a phenomenal house sake served warm — a rare find in the U.S., let alone Montana. It goes down smooth as it is warm with a subtle bite that leaves you parched for more.

The service was spot on, and while my drink was not always full I did find the food was some of the fastest-prepared and well-presented food in the Bozeman area. Topping out at a five minute wait, I hardly ever had to worry about the food sitting under a heat lamp before it arrived in front of me. With the quick food you can find yourself getting in and out of Seven as quickly as you want. In a world where other restaurants make you wait for a simple burger, it really is refreshing to know that there is a place out there like Seven where you can get what you want before you forget what you ordered.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Seven, however, is the location. The restaurant shares a building with 406 Brewing. A thirty minute waiting period to get a table got you down? No problem. Just put your name on the list and pop next door for some home-brewed beer and wait it out with a cold pint of ale. By the time you’ve finished a drink or two they will have a table ready and you are going to have an amazing time no matter what because you’ve already warmed yourself up for the sake sushi combo to ring in the night. With a place as quick, high quality and affordable you would easily regret not spending your time down at Seven and missing out on some of the greatest fish in town.

Seven is located at 113 Oak Street. It is open Monday – Saturday 11:30 a.m. – 10 p.m. with happy hours all day Monday and 3 p.m – 6 p.m. Tuesday – Friday.

By Rolf Tengdin