The Bent Bones return to the spotlight with ‘Drivin’ to the Rhythm’

The Bozeman-local funk-rock phenomenon The Bent Bones have been somewhat quiet recently. They’ve been doing a show every now and then, but they haven’t released anything new. Impatient fans are in luck, however, because they have a fresh album coming out this week, along with a release show to complement the release.

The band consists of bassist Kurt Binder, guitarist Anthony Gaglia, vocalist Cody Lindblom and drummer Hunter Hessian. They are all students at MSU with majors ranging from engineering to music. The group made it clear that getting through school is their priority right now, even though their music is what they want to do once they graduate. While The Bent Bones do provide sound that is familiar to some, their blend of funk and rock provides a nice change to a lot of the popular rock music of late. A lot of the group’s musical influence comes from bands like Incubus.

On this upcoming album, “Drivin’ to the Rhythm”, they didn’t do the entire process by themselves. They had help from grammy-winning music producer and audio engineer Doc Wiley. He has helped musicians like U2, Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston. Because of his previous experience, he was able to use his expertise to aid The Bent Bones. “Working with Doc was a really cool experience,” Hessian said. “He’s worked with a bunch of bands in the past, so he has seen a lot of the struggles we’ve had. Doc knows the process well, so he was really easy going, which made it incredibly easy and fun to work with him.”

Through Wiley’s aid, the Bones were able to record the album in a whole new way. Where most bands record each part separately, the new album recorded everything all at once. “Our first album was multitracked, which means that everything was recorded separately,” Gaglia said. “The way Doc had us do, which was recording live, worked so much better. Rather than just listening to a track of the drums and playing along, we were able to see how we were playing and feed off each other. We were able to adapt to what everyone was doing. It added a ton of energy to our sound and made us sound better.” The new music’s energy is high, adding to already great music.

The Bent Bones believe that they have evolved well as a band. Through making a full-length album and multiple single releases, the band has become better songwriters. Over time, their music has evolved and become more energetic and, as a result, better. They have really settled into their sound.

Their new album will be released on Friday, Jan. 29. It will be available for purchase at any record store around town, primarily at Cactus Records or Hastings. The album will also be available on Spotify and iTunes.

The Bent Bones will be promoting the album with an all-ages show at Faultline North on Friday, Jan. 29 at 9 p.m. Tickets are available at Cactus Records or for $8 for presale and $10 at the door. Students receive $1 off with a CatCard.