Comedy Preview: Brian Regan Comes to Brick Breeden

Growing up with a mother who didn’t let me get away with anything, the amount of things I could watch on TV was limited. Because of this, I wasn’t able to watch a lot of stand-up comedy which was upsetting to me because, just like everybody, I enjoy laughing. There was one comedian that I was allowed to watch that has transitioned well into my adult sense of humor: Brian Regan. Because of this, I was incredibly excited when I heard he was going to be performing in Bozeman on January 31.

Since his first stand-up special, Brian has been known for his appropriate but effective observational comedy. While his stand-up lacks cursing, he still talks about adult-related topics. “I hate it when people say that my comedy is ‘clean’,” Regan told me. “When people say that my stand-up is clean, it makes me sound like I’m going to be up on stage tying balloon animals or something. I still talk about adult topics, like I might make a joke about signing a mortgage agreement or high cholesterol. Something that will completely go over a child’s head. It gives my comedy a different kind of edge than your traditional comedian.”

For those of you who have watched Regan’s observational comedy before, this upcoming show is going to be completely new material. He told me that he did a special for comedy central about three or four months ago, and he will only be using about twenty percent of that material at most.

His material for the upcoming show will also be a bit different than audiences may be used to. “I usually talk about things I see in everyday life. For the tour I’m doing right now, I’m trying to spruce it up a bit from what I usually do. There will be different kinds of jokes this time.” Regan said. “With the upcoming election, there are so many more things I can make jokes about. So my routine will make more jokes about the government. I’ll be making jokes about foreign policy, some jokes about local government, and even some jokes about gun control, which I feel may strike a bit close-to-home-in Montana. With those, they will be approached with kind of a new angle on the subjects. Something people haven’t heard before.  going to be a little bit of that material, and a little bit of the stuff my fans are used to. It’s going to be a bit different from the norm, but I still plan on talking about things that interest me.”

There will be an opening act before Brian performs. The opener will start their 20 minute routine around 7 p.m., with Brian coming on stage afterwards.

So come down to the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse on January 31st to watch hilarity ensue as Brian Regan delivers top-of-the-line jokes about politics along with his traditional observational comedy. You can buy tickets beginning at $42.50.