New on Netflix in November

It’s gotten to the point in the semester where you’re trying to work off the crippling sadness that comes with the end of midterms, but still preparing to face the inevitable depression that tends to come with finals week. There are many different ways to deal with this type of failure. You can study (but who really wants to do that), give up on your hopes and dreams to join the circus, or drink an absurd abundance of alcohol (which is the most plausible choice). Luckily for you, it’s the beginning of the month, so you can give your liver a break and watch all of the new movies that Netflix has to offer.


The Good:

Marvel’s Jessica Jones (Season 1)

Last year, Netflix released Daredevil, which many people were skeptical about given that the Ben Affleck movie was such trash. However, Netflix went over the top and made a dark, gritty superhero television show that took everyone off guard, critics and Netflix users alike. Because of the success that Netflix had adapting superhero movies, I’m optimistic about what they are going to do with Marvel’s “Jessica Jones.” “Jessica Jones” is already a dark superhero tale, so I’m looking forward to seeing how Netflix takes it from the comics to the screen.

Last Days in Vietnam:

I’m not a huge fan of documentaries. That being said, I have heard nothing but good things about Last Days in Vietnam. The movie gives insight about American soldiers in the final days of Vietnam. These soldiers are faced with a moral dilemma: evacuate the U.S. citizens in Vietnam, or prevent the imminent slaughter of South Vietnamese citizens from the Northern Vietnamese army. The thing this movie does well is ask the viewer “what would you do?” Because of this, “Last Days in Vietnam” stands out and should be worth the watch.


The Bad:


The Runner:

I have never seen a movie I enjoyed where Nicolas Cage was the lead. His acting is dull and unpolished, and everything he says is predictable. It seems he’s always whispering or screaming, which makes it a chore to watch. Because of this, he’s usually unlikable, which made it seem like he would be perfect to play a politician. He wasn’t. In “The Runner,” he plays a politician whose life is thrown horribly awry after a sex scandal. The script is cringy, the acting is stale and the plot is dull. The movie is straight-up bad.


Anna Karenina:

Movies based around classic novels tend to be hit or miss. It can be a rousing success like “Pride and Prejudice” or “To Kill a Mockingbird,” but more often than not, they tend to be inconsistent and unappealing to audiences, like “Gulliver’s Travels,” “The Hobbit,” and, in this case, “Anna Karenina.” While the costume design is stellar and the acting is passable, the story of “Anna Karenina” isn’t exciting enough to appeal to the majority of audiences. I haven’t read the original material, so I don’t know if the movie follows the book, but the movie was almost completely unwatchable due to its pacing.


The Ugly:

Robot Overlords:

I feel like the title “The Ugly” has to go to some sort of cheesy sci-fi movie. While there are no Sharknado-type movies coming out in November, there is “Robot Overlords.” In this movie, robots have enslaved humanity and the humans wear implants so the robots know if the humans are outside. If they are, they die. Then the humans decide to fight back. This is a typical C-grade science fiction movie: the acting is poor, the special effects are bad and the script is laughable — but it’s a blast to watch with friends for a good laugh.