New Miller Dining Hall remains unimpressive

“Well that was underwhelming,” was my initial response after leaving Miller Dining Hall for the first time this year. After a seemingly endless amount of renovations made to Miller in the past year, I was expecting something much more impressive than I was given. All-in-all, I wasn’t impressed with what the new Miller Dining Hall has to offer.

Allow me to clarify. I was one of the sorry souls who had to deal with eating in Miller last year during the construction. For the first semester, I was plagued by dust, loud construction equipment and inconsistent food, which made me fed up (no pun intended). It only got worse as the second semester started. Instead of actually being treated to a dining hall, everyone was limited to one line of dry burgers and some french fries or a cooler that was stocked to the brim with soggy sandwiches and dirty salads. This made me walk across campus to eat at the other dining halls for every meal. By the time the end of the year rolled around, I was content with never eating at Miller again.

Then this year rolled around, and I heard that the new Miller was impressive, with an interior that looked incredible and food which was leaps and bounds better than it was in previous years (which, let’s face it, didn’t take a whole lot). Being one of the people who had to eat in Miller last year, I was awarded with ten free meals for this semester. So, I decided to take advantage of this opportunity and eat at the dining hall.

My first impression when walking into the dining hall was spectacular. The inside looks beautiful.  It has a modern feel to it and is much more organized than it had been in previous years. The layout is separated into areas where you can get burgers, noodles, pizza, coffee, sandwiches or breakfast. It is all neatly organized and looks amazing. There are many more places to sit as well, with the back portion being expanded. As a whole, I was impressed when I first saw what they had done with the place.

Then I ate the food.

For the first semester last year, the menu included cardboard pizza, weird casseroles that never looked quite right and fruit that was only fresh half of the time. It got worse the second semester where the food was completely inedible. I had a lot of my friends tell me that the food was a significant amount better in the dining hall this year. They were right. The food was much better than it was last year. But, honestly, it didn’t take much for this to happen. Rather than having something different every day like in previous years, the new Miller has stations where you can get different kinds of food. The big problem with these stations is the lack of variety. Each station serves the same food every day, making the variety aspect of the dining hall nonexistent. While the food is better than it has been in the past, it still isn’t very good. My food was dripping in grease, leaving me searching for a place to wash my hands. I wasn’t as impressed as everyone else seemed to be.

If you have a meal plan at the dining hall, Miller is a good choice. It has the best dining hall food on campus. Otherwise, it’s not worth the absurd prices ($8 or $9) to eat there. I would highly recommend eating anywhere else on campus, such as in the SUB, before eating at the new Miller Dining Hall. You’ll probably save a few bucks to eat much better food.