Cactus Records celebrating Record Store Day

What do Johnny Cash, Kid Cudi, Bob Dylan, Foo Fighters, U2 and Paul McCartney have in common?

They all have releases this Saturday, April 18, marking the Ninth Annual Record Store Day. The event was forged in the spirit of independent record stores and has grown to feature a wide variety of vinyl, cd and digital releases from artists across many genres.

At Cactus Records, a full set of live music is set for Saturday starting at 1 p.m. and going into the night. Artists will vary from punk to ska, ending with Brothers Comatose, a local bluegrass group. Cactus Records & Gifts has been locally owned in downtown Bozeman since 1970, and owner Mike “Bueno” Good has been running the show for nearly 14 years. Good finds that Record Store Day has been one of the most popular events.

“We have a large base of student customers interested in all music formats, music events, and other music-related merchandise,” Good said. “Any student who loves music will enjoy the opportunity to attend this once-a-year event.”

Good feels that because much of today’s music is experienced in a digital format, Record Store Day is the perfect way to interact face-to-face with other people who are passionate about the art. The event also provides the opportunity for people of all ages to interact with other music lovers, see and discuss what others are interested in, and find new music that they might not otherwise discover.

“Music lovers tend to be very passionate about their musical tastes,” Good said, “as well as the musical tastes of others, and are often on a life-long quest to discover new music that will expand their worldview and increase their overall happiness.”

In the spirit of discovery, here are some releases that capture significant moments within the world of music.


Highlights for 2015 Releases:

Blue Oyster Cult – Bad Channels – 12” Colored Vinyl

The only way to accurately describe Bad Channels is smoking. With a haunting yet melodic style, Blue Oyster Cult absolutely rocks two tracks on this 30 song album. The other songs on it by various artists are interesting, but not groundbreaking. Recorded in 1992, this intriguing and unknown chapter in the history of rock is highly recommended.

Various Artists – Whiplash: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – LP

If you love jazz, then you will love Whiplash. Music is the life of the film, but it stands alone without picture. Composer Justin Hurwitz breathes life through the airwaves with various styles of jazz, mainly drawing from big band. With tunes from names like Duke Ellington, Hank Levy and Stan Getz, you can’t lose.


Willie Nelson – Teatro – 2 by 12” Colored Vinyl


With a nine-piece band, Nelson set out to remake some of his old hits while creating brand new content. This album is coming to a vinyl format for the first time and illuminating a time when country music used to be more diverse and interesting. Nelson’s music is rich and inspiring which perfectly aligns with Record Store Day.


The Kinks – Kinksize Hits – 7” Vinyl


One of the cornerstones of the British Invasion, The Kinks are a timeless group in the world of rock’n’roll. This release is truly a throwback and every second is awesome. Rock at this time was extremely popular, and even though there are only four tracks in the album it neatly summarizes why The Kinks were all of the rave back in the mid-1960s.


Dolly Parton – The Grass is Blue – 12” Vinyl


Quintessential to the American experience is Bluegrass. Parton brings more than big hair and fake nails to the album, as her wispy voice pairs with traditional fiddle, guitar, bass and banjo through a soulful journey with classics such as “I Still Miss Someone” and “Silver Dagger.” This album will make you laugh, cry and stomp your foot while bringing life to a genre of music that is not often recorded to albums.


Johnny Cash – Koncert v Praze – 12” Colored Vinyl


Behind the Iron Curtain, Johnny Cash performed his best hits. At the height of the Cold War it was unusual for communists in Eastern Europe to hear music that was not underground, let alone a style as American as Johnny Cash. The best tracks are the final two, the Railroad Medley and Wabash Cannonball, songs about great American rail lines and trains.