Sola Cafe’s new taste

Sola Café has introduced a wonderful, brand-new menu for spring and summer, keeping only a few of the old favorites.

The restaurant and bakery first renovated their building in the fall, providing more space for the kitchen. Then, owner Tiffany Lach purchased the neighboring space and the business opened Sola Market where they sell food products and meals made in house as well as other local or small business food, wine, pet, and household products.

The new menu includes a few of the paninis and salads the café previously featured frequently on the specials board as well as a few exciting additions to the breakfast section, like the sweet potato and pork belly hash. There are just a few meals that survived the cut from old menu to the new.

On my most recent visit, I tried the blueberry almond meal waffle with a side of eggs for breakfast in the hopes of finding something to replace my old favorite. The waffle was delicious. Served with Vermont maple syrup and homemade whipped cream, it’s rich and sweet enough to eat without either, especially with the fresh blueberries. The breakfast comes with just a single, large waffle; however, it’s a heavy, gluten-free option, and it filled me up quickly.

Many of the other new breakfast options are also on the sweet side. The restaurant  offers both caramel apple French toast and chevre stuffed French toast. Don’t fear, though, if you’re not a sweet tooth, old protein-packed favorites are still available, as well as a new salmon bagel and varied hashes.

There are two breakfast menus. One — featuring the salmon and plenty of different egg scrambles — is offered until noon on weekdays, and all day on Saturday and Sunday. The Saturday and Sunday brunch menu, with the hash and French toasts, is offered only on the weekends until 2 p.m.

Having tried two of the new sandwiches on previous visits, I chose the grown-up grilled cheese — a sandwich which survived the menu renovation —to-go for a later lunch. The grilled cheese is a staple from the old menu and it included the pesto I missed from an old favorite of mine which was removed. With two different cheeses, pesto and roasted tomatoes, this panini was delicious, even reheated later in the day.

The sandwiches are served with a pickle spear and a serving of chips or coleslaw. The chips have been switched from corn to root veggie chips which seem to be various kinds of potato. They’re greasier than the old option but are new and added an interesting flavor to the meal.

Unfortunately, none of the new sandwiches have yet replaced the Free Bird Panini in flavor, which was an old personal favorite. A much simpler chicken panini was recommended, but it was missing the subtle and more exciting flavors like the spinach and pesto on the old sandwich. Trying to find a replacement, I’ve experimented with the new BBQ chicken and mushroom and brie paninis, but neither option have been as tasty. There are multiple other options left to try.

With a brand new menu and brand new structure, Sola Café is now open from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. However, the kitchen closes at 5 p.m, leaving only their coffee and tea drinks, the lemonade and iced tea bar, the pastry case, as well as soups and premade sandwiches available in the market section. On Sundays the café is open from 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.