Of Course, Of Course: Bozeman’s indie duo talks cold pizza, performing live and their bright future

When speaking with Of Course, Of Course, the comical and joyous relationship between the two becomes quickly apparent. “We met in the library,” Marlo Kapsa started. “We were talking about the food in Miller Dining Hall,” laughed Aaron Reynolds, “and how the pizza tastes like cold butthole.” Together they make a great team, with Kapsa’s quick wit and messy blonde hair going markedly well with Reynold’s tall stature and sincere disposition.

Kapsa and Reynolds are Bozeman indie-folk duo Of Course, Of Course. Kapsa, a senior in environmental studies, hails from South Dakota while Reynolds, an electrical engineer a month away from graduation, grew up in Helena. The two began as friends four years ago, remaining close even through Kapsa’s semester exchange to Hawaii, and have been going steady both in their relationship and music since last December.

The two hardworking students brought in 2015 by bursting onto the Bozeman music scene. Kapsa and Reynolds have had a busy year — writing and recording their debut EP “You Can Sit With Us,” debuting live to a packed show at Lockhorn Cider House, opening multiple shows at the Filling Station and being Montana’s spotlight band in NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Contest.

The pair discovered their love for music at a young age. Kapsa’s mother introduced a vibrant attitude toward music throughout her childhood. “The morning routine in our house was to wake up, crank it, and dance party in the kitchen,” recalled Kapsa, who began playing guitar in elementary school. Reynolds on the other hand, whose dad is tone deaf and whose mom is a self-proclaimed Faith Hill fan, found his love for indie music on his own in middle school. “I bought a guitar in eighth grade, well more correctly my mom bought a guitar for me,” said Reynolds. Soon thereafter Reynolds found his love for banjo as he discovered his aptitude for fingerpicking.

Of Course, Of Course’s raw talent is embodied by the vast array of instruments the two incorporate into their music; together playing acoustic and electric guitar, melodica, banjo, drums, piano, trombone and harmonica. Their musical influences range from Modest Mouse, Rubblebucket and St. Vincent to Earl Sweatshirt and Frank Ocean. These inspirations are apparent in their freshman EP; a strikingly upbeat folk album with heavy bluegrass influences.

The band’s name comes from one of Kapsa’s travels to a “satanic thrift store” in New Jersey where Kapsa, a pin collector, spotted a brown pin with the text “Of Course, Of Course.” The name was solidified as the two serendipitously came upon Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s quote “Of course I’ll hurt you. Of course you’ll hurt me. Of course we will hurt each other. But this is the very condition of existence.”

Performing live, Of Course, Of Course brings a stage presence belying their short time as a band. The pair recently opened for Evergreen Grass Band and captured the audience’s attention through a diverse set list and lively banter. Describing their live sets, Reynolds explained “I always find myself in a crane position thinking ‘what is going on, why am I doing that, and why does it feel so good.’” This sentiment is mirrored by Kapsa, who was surprised to find an on stage confidence exclaiming that “Normal [Kapsa] couldn’t do that!”

In the coming years Kapsa and Reynolds have their sights set high. Primarily in the next two years, chasing the dream of performing at Sasquatch. “I’ve got four terrifying weeks left and Marlo will finish up next semester,” says Reynolds as the chemistry between the couple becomes evident. After graduation the couple plans to pack up Kapsa’s Mazda and go on tour. “We should do this while we’re young and if we’re going to make it happen,” Reynolds stated. “We should make it happen now,” finished Kapsa, eagerly adding “I get to tour with my best friend.”

On Friday April 3 at 9 p.m., Of Course, Of Course plays their first show outside of Bozeman at The Palace in Missoula. Then on Monday, April 6 at 9 p.m., be sure to catch Of Course, Of Course opening for Wild Rabbit at the Filling Station in Bozeman.