Concert showcases experimental music

Last Sunday night, Feb. 22, the College of Music and the New York based music collective Vox Novus presented an electroacoustic music concert called Circuit Bridges: New Nodes. On the concert, Vox Novus artistic director and curator David Morneau said, “This is a ready-made concert that anyone can produce. It features a range of electronic music styles, and is intended to be a good entry point into this kind of music for those unfamiliar with it. New Nodes includes nine pieces by living composers that encompass a range of styles and approaches to making music.”

Circuit Bridges is one of many different music projects coordinated by Vox Novus. According to the website, “Circuit Bridges is a monthly electronic music concert series that collaborates with organizations from around the globe that foster and promote innovative electronic music and sound. Our concerts feature local composers and sound artists and those from visiting communities and immerse audiences in the vast wealth of electronic music being created today.” New Nodes is the traveling Circuit Bridges built in collaboration with the locale’s presenters. MSU’s New Nodes concert was the result of an exchange with Jason Bolte and Linda Antas, both assistant professors in the College of Music. “We’ve presented music of theirs on our concerts here, and now they’re presenting a project of ours,” Morneau said.

“Our goal is to connect different electronic music communities from around the country and around the world. We want to strengthen the community and support for living composers working in all types of electronic music,” Morneau said, “By helping connect different communities we hope that everyone can find more opportunities to listen and be listened to.”

Electroacoustic music as explored by Vox Noxus and modern day composers is greatly different than popular electronic dance music. At Sunday’s concert, instrumentation ranged from electronic violin to more mechanistic, computerized sound all together in one piece. New Nodes at MSU resembled a computerized orchestra; similar music can be heard online at the Circuit Bridges website,

Morneau invited students in the College of Music and musicians all over campus to submit pieces to Vox Novus. “Students who are interested in producing their own New Nodes concerts can contact us. We do have an occasional call for works. Right now we’re looking for one-minute electric violin pieces,” he said, “Circuit Bridges is part of Vox Novus, which regularly has calls for works that are great opportunities for students. These include Fifteen Minutes of Fame, 60×60, and Composer’s Voice.”

Vox Novus has been constantly growing since it began producing and promoting music fifteen years ago. “The heart of our mission is to connect electronic music composers and communities and share our music. We began presenting concerts in March of 2014. The concert at Montana State is our 21st since we began. We have six more New York concerts in our season, plus four more away concerts on the schedule right now.” The majority of the upcoming away concerts are scheduled at universities around the nation, seeking to inspire America’s new and aspiring musicians.