Preparing for Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is on Saturday, which means a whole weekend of romance. That can be a little daunting to try to plan. So if you’re stuck for ideas on how to prepare for a great intimate experience, here’s a few suggestions to take off the planning pressure.

A sexy gift bag is always a great idea. There are four categories besides your basic romance package of roses, chocolate and candles. You can go for playful, sensual, sexual or kinky (or a mix of any of these).


These gift bags can include such items as a feather tickler, dice or other sexy games, and a mask or other item for role play. You might also include edible underwear. Get a few condoms, just in case.


These gift bags are more centered on physical sensations with such items as massage oils, feather ticklers, stimulating gels, warming and cooling lubricants and maybe a blindfold so your partner is more sensitive to the various sensations. Get a few condoms, just in case.


Here come the more naughty gift ideas. Get a small vibrator, stimulating gels, flavored lubricants, a cock ring, some lingerie and a sexy video (i.e. pornography). Don’t forget the condoms! Just in case.


Bored with the basics? Get a whip (choose one according to your partner’s comfort level), a ball gag (edible jawbreaker ball gags add a little flavor and fun), and some rope or a pair of handcuffs. Blindfolds are, once again, great for surprising your partner since they won’t know what’s coming. Get condoms, just in case.

Note: If sex is going to eventually take place, include lubricant (and condoms, obviously). Natural lubrication doesn’t always arrive when you need it to (if you are female).

When shopping for lingerie, make sure to pay close attention to size, style and color when looking for lingerie. Getting the right size and style can boost your partner’s confidence while an ill-fitting piece that isn’t in an ideal style can make them uncomfortable. While black always works, having a little color adds flair. If you really aren’t sure where to start or what to look for, go crotchless. Crotchless underwear is simple and sexy and doesn’t take a lot of difficult decision-making.

When setting the stage, low-lighting is usually best; many of us may be uncomfortable being naked and exposed in full lighting while if it’s completely dark, you can’t see what you’re doing. Turn on a lamp in the corner, or light a few candles.

Remove any distractions, like bills, homework and laundry from the area. You want to be able to give total concentration to your partner. Put clean sheets on the bed, fluff the pillows, and if you’re feeling cliche, throw a few rose petals on top. Artfully arrange condoms on the nightstand or another nearby surface.

Remove all electronics from the immediate area (except vibrators and other sexy things), and if you cannot accomplish that (you have a TV or other large electronic item or your phone is magnetically attracted to you), then make sure it’s turned off. Unplug yourself from the world so you can pay attention to what you’re doing.

Most importantly, be comfortable and have fun (and use condoms). If you are uncomfortable with something, it is okay to say no, even on Valentine’s Day.