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‘St. Vincent’

4/ 5 Stars

Who doesn’t love Bill Murray? With some sort of grotesque, drunken charm, Vincent (Murray) befriends his new kid-neighbor Oliver, played by Jaeden Lieberher. Since Oliver’s parents are going through a divorce and custody battle, Vincent becomes a father figure for the young lad.  Oliver gets to know the crabby old man and nearly every part of his life as they go to the racetrack, the bar and retirement community.

The characters are all very relatable, which allows the audience to connect to the story more than most movies. Naomi Watts backs up Murray’s performance by providing not only comedic relief, but also a unique interaction as a Russian pregnant prostitute named Daka.

“St. Vincent” is a complete tour of human emotion, with laughter, sadness, disgust and a tragic one-sided love that will remind you of “The Notebook,” it is absolutely worth watching.


‘The Theory of Everything’

3/5 Stars

This movie follows the life of Stephen Hawking by exploring his romantic life and personality. It is a love story set in Cambridge in the 1960s, a dreamy garden for love to blossom.

Steven Hawking is generally regarded as one of the most brilliant minds in the modern age, and the film in tribute to such a man is unfortunately less than that. The expectations for this movie were simply much higher than the actual level of quality. The film barely mentioned the scientific work attributed to Hawking, focusing instead on an emotional relationship that was strained and didn’t translate well on screen.

Eddie Redmayne, who stars as Hawking, does a brilliant job of portraying a man filled with physical and emotional hardships, is one of the few highlights of this film. Overall, the movie is slow, and much of the dialogue and action seems poorly written.

Everything was very forced in the “The Theory of Everything,” but nobody is forcing you to watch it.


Big Hero 6

4/5 Stars

Disney is the industry standard for animated movies, and in this team-building futuristic comedy, they do what they do best yet again. Even though the name of the movie is unimaginative, the journey through the stellar setting will have you laughing the whole way through.

Big Hero 6 has Hiro Hamada, a charming and go-lucky kid from San Fransokyo team up with a nerdy team of unlikely heroes and his brother’s robot Baymax save the city from a notorious super-villain.

Although the film will not alter your perception of reality, or give you the intellectual momentum to write that paper you’ve been putting off, “Big Hero Six” is still a heartwarming family movie that is worth seeing on the big screen.



4/5 Stars

Too much has been said about this film. To put it simply, “Interstellar” is a great movie about human relationships and also space ‘n’ stuff.

The film begins in a future where Earth is ravaged by crop failures, drought, and famine and humans must look beyond our Solar System to find a new home for humanity. When the crew finds an elusive rip in the space-time continuum, interesting conflicts and situations drive the action and make for a fantastic display of emotion.

There are breath-taking shots of planets, comets and stars, not to mention great acting. Hans Zimmer, legendary composer, delivers an over-the-top but moving score which makes the screen seem even more amazing.

This movie tries to hit the ball out of the park in every category, and all though there are some flops, fouls and fly-balls, it is a film that definitely deserves appreciation.


‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One’

3/5 Stars

If you are a devout Suzanne Collins fan, or just obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence, then you have already made up your mind about the latest fan-cult film to hit American popular culture.

This is the penultimate entry in the epic dystopian adaptation of the hugely successful book series. Katniss Everdeen finally joins District 13 in an all-out brawl with the capital. You must pick a side between Team Gale and Team Peeta, and also between the establishment and the rebels.

Although the latest addition to the franchise was rather a disappointment, there are still cool special effects. If you aren’t already invested in the trilogy, however, the Hunger Games: Mockingjay isn’t worth the watch.