Taking Sex Geekdom off the shelf

The first Sex Geekdom Event took place on the second floor of the Country Bookshelf last Thursday, Jan. 29. Hosted by Billy McWilliams, the owner of Erotique, as well as Hannah Wilson, Bridgercare’s community outreach specialist, Sex Geekdom is an event that provides a safe place to talk about sex comfortably with other members of the community who are just as curious as you are.

To set the stage for the event, there were several books place in the area on sexual topics, including the Kama Sutra and The Abstinence Teacher. Everyone also wrote their names on slips of paper, which were randomly drawn at the end of the evening for small prizes. These were comprised of gift bags with various lubricants, vibrators and stimulating gels.

To start the event off with an ice breaker, Wilson used a pheromone oil on everyone’s wrists or the crooks of their elbows. At first, it smelled like “that zebra-striped fruit gum” Wilson said, but within 20 minutes it enhanced the natural pheromones. Each individual would smell the area to which the pheromone was applied, and each person smelled differently. There were some that I couldn’t smell at all, and others that had a distinctly floral scent. The idea was that everyone has a different scent, which may repel one person and attract another. It’s a natural way to know who would make a good mate. Wilson told the group about how scent provides one of the strongest memories. You may forget a face, but you will never forget a scent.

For this first of many events, the group discussed misconceptions, and the impact that they can have on people’s health and happiness. The main misconception was body image, of others as well as ourselves. Many people consider themselves too long, too tall, too small, too fat, too thin, too tan, too pale, too [adjective of choice here]. But McWilliams disagrees with these thoughts, saying that we are each someone’s fantasy, someone’s ideal. He stated frankly, “There is someone out there waiting to have sex with you.” We shouldn’t be so uncomfortable with our bodies. Instead of telling ourselves what’s wrong with our bodies, we should be celebrating what’s right.

The group also discussed the common misconception that sex is dirty. While it certainly can be (if you’re into that kind of thing), sex is natural. Sex is an expression of emotion, just like crying and laughing. We should be able to go out and find someone we want to share ourselves with, and not be ashamed of it. Our bodies were built to mate, as well as reproduce (if that’s what we choose to do). Emotional expression shouldn’t be shamed.

McWilliams and Wilson are looking forward to hosting more Sex Geekdom events, each with their own main topic. The next one will take place at Alara Jewelry on March 18, at 7 p.m. Join the group to talk about sex in a safe, inviting environment. When it comes to sex, discussion is necessary; never be afraid to ask questions.