Coming Distractions


Though this game is still far from finished, Wild Company’s newest endeavor shows a lot of promise. Like many new survival based RPGs, “WiLD” features an open world and dynamic weather. What makes this game so exciting though aren’t the “Skyrim”-like graphics or the endless exploration, but that every race, animal or creature in the game is playable — from trout to mythical giant. Its release date isn’t finalized yet, but Wild Company hopes to make it available for PS4 sometime this year. The gameplay trailer, viewable on YouTube, also suggests it may have multiplayer option..


If you read the last semester review for the alpha of this game then you already know that this is a title for your collection. Turtlerock’s “Evolve” is a four person hunting group versus one giant (playable) monster boss in this first person shooter adventure. This game has been through an alpha and a beta to make sure everything works and is well balanced to give you the best gaming experience day one. This game is tons of fun and has lots to offer for your money. This game also comes out Feb. 10, so if you are free Valentine’s day it’s recommended you pick up this game and evolve your gaming experience. If you want more info don’t forget to visit their website at

‘No Man’s Sky’

“No Man’s Sky” is described as a “science-fiction game set in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy” by its developer, Hello Games. The goal is to survive and explore the heavens, encountering new alien life forms and discovering artefacts in the many different landscapes of the universe. While “No Man’s Sky” can be played cooperatively, the universe in game is so large that the developer forewarns it is not an easy feat. The graphics are beautiful and as such, “No Man’s Sky” is only available on PS4 after E3 2015 (about June), though it will be available for PC at a later date. You can find more information and some stunning screenshots online at

‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’

This series is the reason many people got into gaming. “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” is developed by Kojima Productions and is a open world action adventure stealth game that looks absolutely amazing. The gameplay also gives us the sense of controlling a tight tactical squad to retrieve intel and extract soldiers while giving you multiple ways to complete the task. Its one of the very few series that has never had any major glitches or bugs, therefore it not only looks amazing but plays well. The release date for this game is still unannounced but we do know it comes out this year so start saving those pennies. Want to see how beautiful and clean looking this game is go to


As everyone waits for the new “Silent Hill” game (to be released in 2016), the horror genre still has plenty to offer. “Routine” offers up scares in an abandoned moon base and the developers (appropriately called Lunar Software) hope to make it Oculus Rift compatible for its release date sometime in 2015. Though it will be originally released for PC, Lunar Software hopes to make it available for PS4 at a later date. Between the isolation and the flight-rather-than fight nature of the mechanics (think “Amnesia: The Dark Descent”), “Routine” is right on track to terrify. Check out the spooky game trailer at

‘Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’

“Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End,” developed by Naughty Dog, is looking to be the greatest adventure game to be published. Following the long fortune hunter Nathan Drake, we find out his long assumed dead brother Sam comes to him asking for help. Together they embark on a globe-trotting journey in pursuit of a long lost pirate colony and its fabled pirate treasure. Naughty Dog has delivered on every single game they put out, having such amazing voice acting its as if you were watching a movie. This Sony exclusive is reason enough to steal a friend’s PlayStation every couple of months just to enjoy the experience. Supposedly coming out the fourth quarter this year make sure not miss out on this latest installment of the “Uncharted” series. To pre-order the brother treasure hunter adventure, go to

While these were the six games we were most excited for, there are many others being released in 2015. Some other games worth mention are “Hellblade,” “Halo 5,” “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,” “Mew-genics,” “Cyberpunk 2077” and “Quantum Break.” The full list of 2015 releases can be found online at And, as always, comment on our selections or share your sources of gaming excitement online at