Talisman introduces online board gaming

Board games are a lot of fun, but it can be difficult to play them if you have friends out of town. Enter Talisman Digital Edition. It is basically an online version of the board game of the same name, but a lot easier to set up.

First, you choose a character. Characters range from classic RPG figures like wizards, fighters or trolls to more unique ones like the courtesan, martyr, pirate or ninja. Each character is equipped with specific special abilities. For example, the minstrel can charm animals, and the thief can take gold or objects from any character he lands on.

If you like, you can also change the rules of the game, modifying the win conditions and whether or not character death is permanent.

Most spaces allow you to draw adventure cards, which can be foes you need to fight, objects to pick up or events that affect all players.

Each character has two base stats, strength and craft, which allow you to defeat foes. If you lose, you lose a life and the creature stays on the space to be defeated another day. If you win, you take the creature as a trophy. Craft also allows you to draw spells. Spells are cards you hold and can play once per turn. They generally target a player, either for good or bad.

Fate is another mechanic in the game, and each character starts with a certain base amount of it. Fate allows you to reroll, frequently changing the outcome of a fight, event or the distance you can move.

Talisman can be played as both a multiplayer game or a solo game against the AI. The multiplayer can be difficult, and the server will occasionally drop games, but it is by far the more fun of the two, especially if you can chat while you play. Frequently, amusing streaks of bad luck occur. The game is fun in the same way a board game is, just an amusing conversation base with some added competitiveness.

Talisman can be a great way to reconnect with old, far away friends while chatting on Skype, while avoiding some of the awkward conversation lapses. It’s also a great way to stay connected with friends that have moved away or graduated, or with college friends if you have a chance between classes and homework.

The base game is cheap, costing $14.99 on Steam (though it is frequently on sale for less). If you decide you like it, the expansions add a lot of variety to the game, providing more drawable cards, an addition to the game board called the Dungeon and more than twice as many playable characters. There are 14 characters included with the base game, but 37 are available with all the expansions. Expansions range in cost from $5 to $7, so the game is relatively cheap.

The expansions that affect the gameplay, such as the Dungeon or more Adventure cards, are determined by the host of the game. So if you have a more financially lucky friend, you can still try out the game expansions though you would still have to buy the characters.