The Easiest Pull Apart Bread

If you’re looking for a recipe you can throw together half an hour before your next dinner party, or while your significant other is on their way over for a meal, if you’re looking for something that will amaze people without much effort or if you’re looking for a go to breakfast, lunch or dinner snack, you’ve come to the right page. Pull Apart Bread is a classic among breads and appetizers, but there’s no need to struggle amidst the yeast, flour and baking powder to make a bread from scratch. For those of us (cough, cough, college students) who don’t have the time or money for such ventures, all you need to amaze your guests is a roll of Pillsbury Grands Flaky Layer Biscuits and a Bundt pan. Bundt pans are the circular baking pans with a hole in the center; I purchased mine at Smith’s for $8. The Pillsbury biscuits come in a variety of flavors — choose whichever you prefer, but double check that they’re the Flaky Layer variety because they produce easier to pull apart bread. You’ll get eight separate biscuits in one package.

After getting through the anxiety of opening the always popular exploding Pillsbury tin, separate the eight biscuits and layer them along the bottom of the Bundt pan, overlapping them slightly. Throw the Bundt into the oven — preheated to 350 degrees — and set the timer for 18 minutes. That’s it; you have Pull-Apart Bread. To get the bread out of the pan, you only have to flip it over onto a plate or serving dish; the biscuits are usually oily enough to come out easily without oiling the pan beforehand.

If you’d like to spice the recipe up a bit, all you need to do is brush or pour some melted butter over the top of your layered biscuits and evenly sprinkle on whatever topping you’d like. Go crazy; get innovative. Most often I’ll sprinkle a dash of onion powder, a dash of garlic salt and some oregano over the top to eat as an appetizer or a side to spaghetti or other pastas. You might also sprinkle cinnamon sugar over the uncooked biscuits to create a breakfast or dessert. Cheese, jalapenos, pecans, fruit — the possibilities are endless, and with this one simple recipe, you can really create anything.

Having left overs of the Easiest Pull Apart Bread is the best thing in the world. It stays fresh in the refrigerator for at least a week and sections can be heated in the microwave — for about seven seconds — for a warm, fresh out of the oven taste. I’ve used the onion and garlic bread as a breakfast sandwich bun with just a fried egg in the middle to rave reviews. That’s a complete breakfast made in less than ten minutes — the perfect imitation of mom’s winter break breakfasts that we’re missing.

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