Sneak peek of ‘Evolve’

A flock of birds fly from the brush a hundred yards from your position. Your four-person-squad rushes to the sound of the fleeting birds, looking in all directions through the jungle, waiting for the beast to spring out from any direction. Rumbles echo from the forest — suddenly the monster jumps in between you and your companions and the only thing to do now is fight.

If you want to experience this rush of emotions, as either the four-person-squad or the monster, it all awaits you in “Evolve.” Developed by Turtlerock Studios, which helped the juggernaut Valve create “Counterstrike” and “Left 4 Dead,” this game features a unique new twist to gaming — it is one of the first games featuring four vs. one gameplay.

I was lucky enough to get to play the alpha of this game and let’s just say my homework suffered a bit. For those of you who may not know, an alpha is a small release, when the developers let people play their game to stress test the servers and find bugs throughout the game. Even though it was the alpha the game plays well, looks great and is evenly balanced. I found myself destroying as the monster and taking it down when I was in a squad.

There are four different hunters when you end up in a squad: Medic, Assault, Support and Trapper. Each one plays extremely differently and gives plenty of variety. The Medic gives you a sniper rifle, a tranquilizer gun for slowing down the monster, a medgun which can heal your teammates and a healing burst that heals you and your teammates. Assault is the big guns of the group, dealing heavy damage with a lightning gun, assault rifle, arc mins and a personal shield that lets you take less damage while dealing some in return. The Support is the big daddy of the squad, protecting the other members with his energy shield, cloaking device, orbital barrage and a high dealing damage plasma cutter. Lastly we have my favorite class: the Trapper, which has a machine pistol, a harpoon mine launcher, mobile arena for capturing the monster in a small space so it can’t get away and Daisy — a pet alien dog who helps track down the monster and heals downed teammates.

Two of the first three monsters have been announced. As Goliath, you play as a mutated dinosaur with firebreathing, leap smash, charge and a ground pound that separates the hunters. The second, Kraken, is a flying squid with lightning abilities, used more for a long range, while the Goliath is an up close and personal monster.

Now this is just a sneak peek of all to come when the game releases on Feb. 10. I wanted to give you readers the lowdown so you can save some money from your ramen or beer fund because this game will definitely be worth your cash. It has everything a game could have: a squad for teamwork for you and your friends, a monster if you want to play by yourself and destroy enemies, and an amazing gameplay that you will enjoy for hours. Save up your money folks and get ready to “Evolve.”