Sex Trivia night with MASH

To get people more comfortable talking about sex, Montana Advocates for Sexual Health (MASH) hosted a Sex Trivia night last Wednesday, Nov. 5. Tanner Muggli, president of MASH, said that the goal of the club is to “promote a sex positive message and to educate the community on sexual health.” Many people think of sex as a social stigma. Even if you think something isn’t sexually normal, it probably is. There is at least one other person out there, probably several, that have gone through or are going through something that you are experiencing right now.

At Sex Trivia, each table seated several people, to made up a team. Each team read the question on the projection and came up with an answer among themselves before writing down their decision on the score sheet provided (there was a mix of multiple choice and short answer questions). Each round was tallied  to see which team won.

In between rounds, a member of each team would compete one against one, each team representative tried to put the condom on a wooden phallus before their competitor without breaking it. For Pictionary, one player from each team was handed a white board and got to pick a word from the bag (Anatomy, Position or Birth Control), and their team had to find out what the word was before any of the other teams guessed their own words. Winners received prizes donated by Erotique, and all players could take condoms home from the hundreds spread over the various tables.

With the Sex Trivia event in its second year, fellow player Samantha noted that she found it interesting that the event was mainly made up of women. Five men showed up to test their knowledge of sex trivia, compared to over 20 women. This raises the question: do men think they already know everything they need to, that women are simply more open to discussing intimate subjects?

For those who didn’t make it to the event, here are some fun facts we all learned that you may not have already known:

  • The original rubber condom was really thick, not lubricated, smelled like sulfur and could be reused (please don’t reuse your condom. Modern ones aren’t made that way anymore.).
  • Marilyn Monroe appeared on the cover of the first issue of Playboy.
  • Alfred Kinsey could place a toothbrush (bristles first) up his urethra (no one at the event was able to figure out why he would try this).
  • Lucille Ball was not allowed to use the term “pregnant” on her 1950s show, “I Love Lucy.” (The episode during which she discovers her pregnancy was titled “Lucy is Enciente,” which is French for pregnant).
  • According to the national average, 375 women and 11 men were sexually assaulted at MSU last year.