A revolution of the arts

On Nov. 10-12, MSU’s SUB Ballrooms will be host to the 11th annual Upheaval Art Student Show. This show, advertised as “A revolution of the arts,” displays student artwork and offers those students a chance to sell their work. ASMSU Arts and Exhibits Director Laura Wilson said, “These are the artists that are looking to connect with the local art scene, and for many of them this is their first foray into selling their work and making these connections.”

Melissa Dawn, one of the participating artists this year, encouraged attendance and support. “If you care about and want to support the creative process, buy art from emerging MSU artists,” she said, “You’ll begin building your own art collection and support the launch of students’ careers.”

The show is almost entirely student-run. Artists are in charge of picking their spot and arranging their artwork. Students in the College of Art are always able to participate in Upheaval after turning in an application. Other students are welcome to apply. “Anyone outside of the School of Art may apply, but they have an extra step in the process,” said Wilson. “They must first get their work approved by me in order to ensure that their work is of high enough quality and that it fits into one of our categories — painting, drawing, sculpture, prints and graphics, jewelry, photography and ceramics.”

For any budding artist, this show provides students the chance to practice careers in art. “Upheaval is an excellent opportunity for students to gain experience showing and selling their artwork to the MSU and Bozeman community,” Dawn said, “It is important for artists to learn the skills required to exhibit and sell their work while they are students so they are more prepared to market their work when they graduate from MSU.”

An opening reception will be held Monday, Nov. 10 from 6 – 9 p.m. “I’m excited for our opening reception this year,” Wilson said, “We will have great food and live music, and it’s an awesome opportunity for the Bozeman community to see some of campus’s up-and-coming artists.”

Wilson went on to say, “MSU plays such an integral role in Bozeman’s culture and community, and this connection is what makes Upheaval so cool. That fresh experience gives Upheaval an awesome feel. I don’t think campus gets to see enough of our student artists, so the exposure is great for both the students and the school of art.”

On the subject of how the show began, Wilson said, “My understanding is that ASMSU wanted to give Art students an avenue to engage with the campus and the community.”

According to Dawn, she’s excited to engage with the community. “The Bozeman community embraces the arts,” she said, “Upheaval is a way for the community and MSU artists to meet, communicate, and form relationships.”

Prices are posted by the artists and payment goes through ASMSU; they take a 10 percent commission. For ASMSU, Upheaval is a non-profit show and the commission covers show expenses. The show will exhibit student painting, drawing, sculpture, prints and graphics, jewelry, photography and ceramics. Doors will be open 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. for anyone to visit.