Become a legend in Destiny

Discovering the solar system, fighting evil alien races and doing it all while having some of your best friends by your side is the the least you can expect going into, what’s sure to be the biggest hit of the year, “Destiny.”

Developed by the makers who brought you “Halo,” Bungie has once again captured lightning in a bottle with “Destiny.”

Starting off 700 years in the future in the tragic wasteland of our home planet, Earth, your character are brought back to life by “Ghost,” a small flying robot voiced by the talented Peter Dinklage. Once he tells of your destiny of being a “Guardian,” who must protect and take back the solar system, you become surrounded by strange hostile aliens and running to shelter.

After finding a ship and being sent to the “the Traveler,” a white celestial body who brought mankind the advancements to reach further planets, you find yourself surrounded by other “Guardians” and the last safe place in the galaxy.

This game is being called a “shared-world shooter,” rather than a Massive MUltiplayer Online (MMO) game. Where players can team up or go solo against the evil alien races and reclaim what has been lost.

“Destiny” allows you to pick from three races, Humans, Awoken (inspired by elves, vampires and angels) and Exo (Inspired by the undead, Master Chief and the terminator), all of which are cosmetic and do not alter gameplay. The game also includes the addition of classes which affects how you play, these classes are Hunter, Warlock and Titan.

Hunter plays like a bounty hunter using weapons to take down enemies and mostly stays away from close encounters. Warlock uses a combination of weapons and abilities to begin the attack while advancing with powers for more damage. Titan is the heavy hitter using big damaging weapons and getting in close with melee, attacking face-to-face.

As a fan of close combat and dealing damage, I decided to select Exo race with the Titan class. I started my adventure with robotic Peter Dinklage at my side and began the most entertaining eight hours of straight gameplay I have ever experienced.

The graphics are good, making me look around and enjoy the scenery while fighting off exotic looking aliens. I didn’t know what to do first, take in the creatures form and study their movements or shoot.

What really pulls me in this game is the MMO shooter which I have been waiting for all my life. Playing with my friends and random people to take back our solar system is quite a rewarding and experience.

Bungie says that this game is “alive” and some events may happen in the game that is totally unpredicted and untouched by the developers. I find myself fasinated for what is to come in this game, which is said to be a “ten-year title.”

The fall is considered to be gaming season, where way too many games hit the shelves while our minds and pockets are too small to experience them all at full capacity. This being said if you buy one game this season, buy “Destiny.” With my first ever true ten out of ten, this game should be in your collection and be played at least once a week. Caution: This game may affect your grades — buy at your own risk.