The do’s and don’ts of summer fashion

The grass in Bozeman is finally turning green, the trees are blossoming and alongside this change in season, the fashion trends are changing as well. While we welcome the new colors, we also welcome the new fashion — well most of the fashion. Summer season brings plenty of do’s for both men and women and with that plenty of disastrous trends can be avoided during the next few months.

For women, many choices arise when out looking for new, cute clothes to sport this summer and many of us wonder, where do I even begin? Below are the basic outlines of the trends this season, pulling examples from New York Fashion Week to Vogue to the current availability in stores right now.

DO wear maxi dresses. They are light, quick, colorful and look gorgeous in the sunshine. With different accessories each time you wear them, the dresses versatile and easy to dress up. For day use, add some jewelry and cute shoes; for Music on Main, add a jean jacket and scarf. So easy!

DO try a straw hat. They provide built-in SPF for your hair and face and if you choose the right color, they basically go with everything in your closet. Need to dress up a boring shirt? Wear a straw hat. Want to add some attitude to your evening outfit? Wear a straw hat. Does your hair look like a hurricane just blew through Bozeman? Wear a straw hat. See my point?

DO wear bold and floral prints. These prints are everywhere this season, from dresses to tops to bottoms, and even in some mens trends. They are very colorful and tend to look great on everyone. Besides, who doesn’t want an excuse to wear such bright colors? The time is now.

DO wear white. White dresses, white jeans, white shirts and white shoes. White is a perfect color to wear in the summer, not only does it fit in with the summer look, but it also helps show off that bronze color you have been working towards.

DON’T wear a bathing suit that does not fit. If your suit is taking you more than a minute to get on and get situated, it probably is not the right size. Wrong size suits can make your body appear unflattering and are uncomfortable to freely move around. Ross, Target, Forever 21 alongside every other major store all run different sizes. Make sure to try it on before buying.

DON’T show your bra. This is getting harder with the amount of sheer tops that are featured in magazines and in stores, but your bra color and your top color should always be coordinated. You are not Miley Cyrus, and this is not Los Angeles. People will stare.

For men, the summer trends hardly change with the seasons, which makes it somewhat easier for the men who are interested in fashion. For men who are not, then it makes you all the more clueless to the world of trends and clothes. Here are a few points to keep in mind for the season.

DO wear slim fit oxfords. They are made of a light material, making them cool for the hot weather, and they look good with pretty much anything. From jeans, to khakis to shorts, pick a few different colors so you can switch out. Do not be afraid of color. Embrace it!

DO wear short sleeve button-downs. However, keep them slim to avoid looking ridiculous, and keep that collar down, please. These shirts are simple, colorful and I have yet to see a guy who looks bad in them. You even look fancy.

DO layer it up! Shirts with light jackets, jeans and shoes look great for the changing Bozeman weather. Simple is key.

As a DON’T for both parties, DON’T forget the SPF! Skin cancer is so not sexy. Above all, nurture your inner fashionista or fashionmista, and wear the clothes that make you feel the best. Enjoy the weather and have fun out there, Bozeman.