Don’t lose cash on DLC

In the late 1990s and early 2000s video games would sometimes have expansion packs, which added loads of new content for the game. In recent years a very popular installment in games has been downloadable content, or DLC for short. This is where you buy a game at full retail price of $60 and later pay for more content for the game, averaging out to be at least $20 for the DLC. Some of this content includes maps, missions and sometimes more items such as cars and guns. Is it really worth it for games, though?

In recent years, DLC has become more microtransaction-like than originally intended. In the ever so popular “Call of Duty” series, DLC costs $14.99 per installment or $59.99 for a season pass. This content provides new multiplayer maps, guns and customizable skins for your weapons. I realize that this may seem like a lot, but its actually very little. If you just paid for a season pass, you basically just paid for a new game but only received parts of one. The same thing happens in the “Halo” series, but only worse which you will pay twenty dollars for a few more maps.

No one wants to spend money on something that is going to disappoint, but with DLC nowadays itswhat you are going to run into 90 percent of the time. This turn in terrible DLC is likely due to microtransactions on smartphone and Facebook games. Publishers and developers have learned that people will pay for anything, even if its more virtual food for a virtual cow. This led companies to sell less content for the same price.

In reality, only a few game series where you should buy DLC. To get the most bang for your buck, stay with developers like Bioware and Bethesda. These are the creators of such games as “Dragon Age,” “Fallout,” “Mass Effect” and “The Elder Scrolls.” All of these games of which provide at least six more hours of content with new missions, characters and costumes.

In my entire time of gaming I have paid for ten DLCs, and for six of these I wish I had my money back to instead buy two new games. If you are looking to buy DLC or season pass, I would seriously do some research on your game. If its the first in the franchise, I would look to other games the developers have made.

Until DLC goes away or expansion packs come back, don’t have buyers remorse; just save your money for the next big game. I would save it for “Destiny” or “Evolve,” two highly anticipated games by two well-built and wonderful developers.