Local sheep convinced of Yellowstone’s impending eruption

Panic broke out at a Gallatin County ranch last week as farmer Charles Blaine’s flock of sheep expressed their fear of an impending eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera. The flock’s information was based purely on Facebaa hearsay and a EweTube vealdeo about animals leaving the park, with no actual research done by the sheep themselves.

“I just saw the title,” panicked lamb Misty Mutton said, “I didn’t watch it but maaaan did it get me frightened.”

The hysteria began when alpha ram Steven Shears shared a video of bison running alongside the road inside Yellowstone National Park which somehow meant the animals were fleeing, originally posted by his slaughterhouse-bound brother. The vealdeo quickly spread like wildfire across the social netwool and many demanded explanation as to why Farmer Blaine failed to warn them of the impending danger.

At least one sheep tried to go against the herd as recently-castrated market ram Lars Lanolin pleaded with his Shephernet contacts to do actual research on the story instead of following trending hashtags. His requests however fell on deaf ears and he was repeatedly headbutted by other rams for his contrarian position.

“This is just like when Kony 2012 and that rumor about the president being born in Kenya were everywhere,” Lanolin complained, “It doesn’t help they get the rest of their information from Fox News.”

According to recent reports, the flock has lost interest in the Yellowstone panic and has now switched to incessant bleating about the most recent “Game of Thrones” episode.