The not-so-good things about sex in college

Graduating soon? You may not have a job or plans for your post-graduate life, but to make you feel better, here are some things that can really suck about sex in college.

Twin-sized beds.

Student Health Service condoms (though they are free!)

Roommates having loud sex.

Roommates hearing you have loud sex.

Roommates who “cock block” or “clam jam.”

The bathrooms of all-male households.

Going home with someone for just one night, then seeing said person in the library the next day.

Following a sleepover, breakfast options that consist of one egg, stale coffee and maybe a Pop-tart.

Feeling too exhausted from studying to even want to do the deed (or when that happens to your partner).

Running out of cute (or clean) underwear because you haven’t had time to do laundry in a month.

Paying your rent even though you spend every night at your significant other’s house.

When 10 people are trying to use the kitchen because all roommates have invited their special friends over for dinner.

Trying to read in bed together without getting distracted.

Not having a parking pass for your significant other’s house because his or her roommate’s lover has it.

Having to PG-rate your bedroom when your parents visit.

The awkward question: “May I leave a toothbrush here?”