Rendezvous: meals on wheels

Food trucks are a fairly modern and trendy invention for those consumers in need of a mobile food source. Mostly found in urban areas, food trucks provide a solution to space, crowds and location. Though the actual space provided for the cook themselves is small and uncomfortable, there’s no crowding like a full restaurant would have. The only downside is there is no available seating.

The Rendezvous food truck is conveniently located on North Rouse for Bridger Bowl frequenters and has a fairly large sampling of crepes, both savory and sweet. Run by owner Nic Bryce, Rendezvous offers at least five different types of breakfast-style crepes and at least four sweet crepes, with BBQ specials available too. Rendezvous’ hours are 8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. I got to the truck around 11:30 a.m. and hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, so I decided it was still early enough for one of his breakfast options. I ordered “The Ridge” which consisted of local potatoes, local, flavorful smoked sausage, egg and cheddar cheese. I was offered additional mild salsa and since I had never been to this food truck before I thought why not?

As Bryce handed the crepe out the small window, he explained that he even puts cheese on the outside of the crepe which most people don’t bother to do. He had a small table set for four just outside his truck that was empty and since I had time I decided to take a seat and enjoy the morning sunshine. The plastic silverware available was unable to cut through the thick crepe. The flavor of the sausage combined with the heartiness of the potatoes and blending cheese flavor came together to forma delicious, savory breakfast.

After speaking with Bryce while he expertly crafted my crepe he shared that he makes his own schedule. Besides his catering business, he’s looking to expand and is currently moving his business into a permanent building hopefully sometime in July. Bryce enjoys his returning customers and the sources of ingredients for his crepes, and plans to continue to use local ingredients and secure a location near his truck station now.

The crepes average $8 per crepe which, for the filling ingredients and flavors, is incredibly reasonable. The only complaints I have about Rendezvous is its inconvenient location is inconvenient for someone living in town who doesn’t frequent North Rouse or Bridger Bowl. This is remedied in the summer, however, when he makes an appearance at the farmer’s market at Bogert Park. My other complaint is that there aren’t any drinks which would’ve been really nice after the salty crepe I.

I do look forward to returning to Rendezvous to trying another breakfast crepe as soon as I can; the second on the list is the same ingredients except bacon instead of sausage. The Rendezvous Creperie food truck of Bozeman is what every restaurant should be: plenty of space, friendly and welcoming staff, large variety and, most importantly, a delicious solution to hunger. A serious tip for first-timers: go online and call ahead of time to confirm the location. Trust me, it could result in a lot of wasted time and possibly no wonderful food.