Starky’s is truly “Authentic Americana”

The burger. An  American staple. Traditionally made of ground beef, the burger is still commonly made with ground beef as well as turkey, bison and meat substitutes. Because of the many different ways it can be made to taste, and because of my own personal appetite, when I visited the restaurant Starky’s Authentic Americana, I ordered a “Local Beef Burger” cooked medium with pepperjack cheese.

I went to Starky’s Authentic Americana (located on North Tracy Avenue) for dinner for the first time after being intrigued by its modern-looking sign and the café style outside seating area. I was a little concerned that it may be a fancy, expensive restaurant for a really nice, dress-up kind of date with small portions and words difficult to pronounce on the menu. Instead it had more of a local small town feel with space enough for about 30-40 people. The place was completely full of diners and the lighting set the romantic date night sort of mood. After being greeted by a cheerful woman, my date and I were seated at a table against one of the windows, which allowed for some outside scenery rather than just the rest of the restaurant.

The menu was one-sided which, to both my date’s and my own surprise, put us in an area of restaurant dining we weren’t used to. There were few options but a lot of good meat plates like various kinds of steak and burgers. Of course, they offered a variety of appetizers as well, but my eye gravitated to the bottom of the menu where the burgers were offered. I haven’t been known to be a big beef eater and usually don’t go for burgers, but I figured I could continue trying food that my palate isn’t used to experiencing. My date ordered one of their pasta specials of the night which included seafood.

Before our order arrived, we were served a warm, small loaf of parmesan bread and olive oil. The wait time for our food was only about 15 or 20 minutes which gave us some time to look around the restaurant. There were fresh red flowers at every table with both table and booth arrangements. The colors inside were red and light-colored stone. The outside seating area was decorated with white Christmas lights and potted trees on either side awning.

Once our food came, I first noticed the unusual poppyseed and cheese bun to my burger. Our waitress made note to me of the two different types of fry dipping sauce because I requested sweet potato fries as my complimentary side. Their “fry sauce” was good and flavored with something similar to Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. I was pleased with my choice of pepper jack cheese and found the actual burger itself was hot, juicy and flavorful. It was a big burger and I wasn’t able to finish it.

With a check total of thirty dollars for two, I found this to be reasonably priced for a more special date night experience. I look forward to trying more from Starky’s and trying some of their gluten-free bread sandwiches.