Recycled Condom Fashion Show: Redefining “Junk” to Funk

Last week marked the first Recycled Condom Fashion Show, an attempt to combine the two annual fashion shows hosted at MSU. The organizers of the recycled fashion show and the condom fashion show teamed up to create a singular awareness and fundraising event.

“Both events take place in February, so the logical conclusion was to combine the fashion shows,” says Ida Wong, organizer of the show. “What we didn’t expect was students’ misunderstanding. We meant to have contestants in either condoms or recycled materials. Not recycled condoms.”

Surprisingly, they did receive fashion show entries. A total of five designers managed to work with used condoms well enough to dress six different models.

“I had a really hard time finding enough condoms. I’m single, so I mostly worked from donations from my residence hall floor,” reveals Anya Neeze, one of the designers.

“I’m very thankful that my friend, the designer of my dress, made the decision to screen the condoms to ensure I wouldn’t come in contact with any STDs,” says one of the models, Freida Brest.

“I don’t think we were successful in spreading the message of safe sex, since at least eleven people came into close contact with unknown genetic material,” laments Iva McCail, head of the MSU Health Promotion. “If anything this event has increased the number of STI tests we suggest students take.”

The success of the combined show is debatable, but it pulled in record breaking audience numbers. Over 7,000 students, faculty and community members showed up for the spectacle, forcing them to postpone the show in order to expand the venue.

“I was curious to see what happened,” one audience member, Jack Goff, states.

This sentiment seems to have been shared by many attendees.

EWB and the MSU Women’s Center, the Voice Center, AID Outreach and Bridger Care, MSU Health Promotion, are discussing modifying the event for next year. They suggest that instead of using actual used condoms, next year’s entries should simply simulate use. Suggested bodily fluid alternatives are conditioner and lotion.

Janitors, however, are petitioning against the continuance of the Recycled Condom Fashion Show.