The Lego Movie: fun for all ages

I had heard nothing but positive reviews for “The Lego Movie”. Every younger kid I talked to was obsessed with it and surprisingly so were all my friends who had watched it. I personally felt I wouldn’t enjoy it much. I rarely enjoy animated films and most “kid” movies. I figured it may contain a few funny parts but end up a waste of time. I have never been more wrong about a movie in my life.

Emmet, voiced by Chris Pratt, is an average construction worker living his good life, until a mysterious run-in with a gorgeous Wyldstyle, voiced by Elizabeth Banks. Things pick up pace for Emmet as he travels through different Lego worlds and interacts with such characters such as Batman, pirates, astronauts and more, while being chased by Bad Cop. Lorde Business has assigned Bad Cop to catch and terminate Emmet because he holds the “Special Piece.”

The film is filled with interesting twists you would never see coming, I was never bored or unamused. The jokes are hilarious and the references to pop culture almost had me crying. I kept asking myself is it really this good?

On top of being hilarious, this film had substance that made me think. It’s rare for a movie so light and funny to contain a strong underlying message. The main concept is simple and clear, it speaks toward individuality and against the supposed perfections of one large system. The message hits home for many audience members, who recall their own childhood lego sets and creations. This movie made me ponder how much my Legos meant to me.

Overall the familiar voices of an amazing cast and the awesome effects are enough to sell any audience member on the movie. Even if you never played with Legos or don’t usually like animated movies, you should see this film. If you do go watch it, remember, everything is awesome.