Gettin’ wild in the woods

It’s that time of the year when we start to get antsy for spring. In reality, we all know there are several months of winter left in Bozeman. Don’t let the snow give you cabin fever, and more importantly, don’t let it affect your sex life.

Bozeman and its surrounding areas are full of adventurous hot spots that will make you forget about the negative temperatures while creating prime conditions for a racy winter weekend.

Potosi Hot Spring: Only about an hour and a half from Bozeman and west of Pony, Mont., Potosi is located in the stunning Tobacco Root Mountains. About a mile from the Potosi campground, you will find a cozy 110-degree pool. The spring is only moderately used, so it is an ideal spot for a steamy (literally) getaway.

Forest Service Cabins: There are a number of Forest Service cabins available for rent in the Gallatin National Forest. While some are accessible right from the road, others may require hiking and skiing for access. None of the cabins have indoor plumbing, and only a handful have electricity, so your primal instincts will run wild. Visit to explore the many options.

Smoke Huts: Ski half your run; then slip into one of the many smoke shacks that pepper Bozeman’s popular ski areas.

Snow Caves: If backcountry skiing on a blustery day, take advantage of a wind-created snow drift and build an intimate snow cave. Lay low on your belly and create a wormhole by tunneling into the leeward side of the drift. From there, moving upward, you can create a sleeping chamber and a cubbyhole for a candle. A single candle will heat up a small space. Remember to poke holes in the cave with a stick or ski pole. You’ll need as much air as you can get.

Yurt Skiing: Rent a yurt for an evening and cozy up Mongolian style after a long day of skiing or snowshoeing. For a truly authentic experience, don’t forget a sheepskin rug to roll up in together after you let the wood stove burn down. Your bodies will be the only kindling you need.* Some rentable options near Bozeman include the Bell Lake, Cooke City and Potosi Alpine yurts.

*This statement is most likely untrue.