Con(tra)ceptual Art

Cassie Wilson needed a birth control method that didn’t affect her body but was safe for her health. Wilson, a senior in film, decided to explore when she decided to get off the pill and discover alternative methods in her upcoming documentary “Miscon(tra)ception.”

“This documentary is about my journey off the pill into the fertility awareness method (FAM) as I explore where FAM fits in with the current state of women’s health. Whether it’s for monitoring your health, diagnosing causes of menstrual irregularities, improving fertility to conceive, or effective natural birth control — fertility charting is knowledge every woman deserves to know,” Wilson said.

With this film Wilson hopes to broaden understanding and dispel common misconceptions on what charting can offer women, while also providing an honest dialogue on the challenges it can present. “I wanted to make this film because I had a horrible time on hormonal birth control. I had spoken with other women who felt the same way — I knew I wasn’t alone,” she said. Art can be used in different ways to educate the public. Wilson decided to take a direct approach to this and also educate herself in the process.

Wilson and her crew just returned from Denver, Colo. this past Monday after interviewing some influential females in the fertility world. Lauren Costantini, a CEO of a company who created a device that does all the charting for you, Colleen Flowers, owner of Flowers Fertility LLC and FAM educator and instructor, are interviewed in the film. Flowers talks about making the switch from hormonal birth control to charting.

The film is already receiving major support. Last Tuesday Wilson’s page on raised $6,000 and is hoping to make it to $10,000 by their deadline this Friday. Wilson is also hoping if her film crew raises enough money they can enter their film into festivals. “It’s an emotional experience making this film — I find myself wanting to “evangelize” fertility awareness so that women everywhere can learn valuable information about their bodies, but I’ve hit some roadblocks … If someone watches my film and walks away thinking ‘That’s cool and all but the pill is right for me because x,y,z,’ I’ve done my job,” Wilson said.

Art is a form where we can express ourselves and our journeys, and Wilson is doing this with her film. Her journey to discover her body hasn’t been easy but she has a full film crew to back her up. “I am so blessed with my crew. Even though they are all male — they’ve been learning so much, let me tell you — they’ve killed it with their jobs and we have bonded over production,” Wilson said. Her film will be premiering at the Tracy Screenings in late April in the Procrastinator Theater. If you wish to support her film you can donate to her project at