League of Legends: Fun in a free filled package

I never used to be a fan of “Free-to-Play” games because the quality was more or less terrible. The first game I ever encountered was “Runescape,” which led me to the conclusion that if you didn’t have money or a subscription, you truly couldn’t enjoy the game. Thanks to one of my friends and a really great game my mind was forever changed. “League of Legends” was brought to my attention and I was automatically hooked.

           “League of Legends” is a top down multiplayer online battle arena developed by Riot Games, where players take control of a character called a champion. With this champion you can face off against bots or team up with other players and fight. Each champion has special abilities and a different class such as mage, tanks or healers, and gain experience points by killing other champions. With each level up players can learn new abilities or make stronger.

           I found this game to be incredibly addictive, especially when teaming up with my friends and taking on other players. I am not the greatest player, but I still enjoy this game to its core. I love all of the character designs and their backstories. The game also has different champions to play with every Tuesday, (allowing for the opportunity to find your favorite.) If you play enough games you gain RP (Riot Point), which you can use to purchase your favorite champion, or if you have some extra cash you can purchase them right away. If you get addicted to this game like I did that won’t be a problem.

           The other thing I like about “League of Legends” is that it’s a big deal in the video game community, having big tournaments that fill entire gymnasiums for people to watch for which cheer on their favorite teams. This kind of attitude in gaming is something I have been looking for years. I like how the intelligence and precision of playing games is finally celebrated, plus the team dynamic bringing players together to try and become the best.

           The only problem with this game is the learning curve. It’s hard to get good unless you play with the same character or research how to play. Although I see it as a problem, I also see it as a great dynamic. Instead of playing the “Call of Duty” series, which a five-year-old can play and pick up easily, you actually need some skill to become good. It makes the “League of Legends” challenging which is hard to find in games these days, unlike those of the 90s which took three weeks to beat or even past level one.

           This game is a lot of fun, plus, the biggest upside is that it is free and can run on Mac or PC. Grab four friends, download this game and enjoy. I have been playing for about a year now and still visit it from time to time. “League of Legends” gives me something that I haven’t enjoyed in years, a free form of videogame entertainment.