A girl’s worst Valentines

It is every girl’s dream to have a Valentine’s Day that won’t be as horrible as last years. Flowers become expensive, just giving your guy an excuse to buy you some “later.” But this year I won’t have to deal with any stupid boyfriend because I am single and happy, I really am. Tonight I have a first date with a guy I met last week. It will just be a fun date, and who knows, it may lead somewhere in the future.

My Valentine’s disaster begins by making heart shaped cookies. I figured I could get ready while they cooked. Unfortunately after I spent two hours in the bathroom, my cookies were charcoal black. I simply put on some chocolate frosting thinking my date wouldn’t notice, I mean who doesn’t want to eat a black heart cookie? A little while after the cookies are made my doorbells rings and outside is a guy holding flowers. I am overjoyed wondering from whom the bouquet could be. I open the card thinking through all the guys who may like me just to have my hopes dashed as I see the signature, “Love, Mom,” the card reads.

He shows up fifteen minutes late, and we have an awkward car drive to the restaurant. Both of us talk about how stupid we think Valentine’s Day is. He apologize for not buying me flowers and I told him I didn’t want any in the first place. I’ll just put away the vase when I get home.

We arrive at the restaurant where he hasn’t made a reservation. After half an hour of staring at our phones we are finally seated next to a cute couple. The couple next to us seems so in love and I’m inspired. The night is beginning to look up. The man at the table next to us proposes. Its a beautiful proposal but then the girl he is with jumps up and screams “No!” We both are shocked I, on accident, bump the table spilling my wine all over the table and on my dress.

The whole restaurant is awkward so we decide to leave. He gives his card to the waiter and we can’t wait to get out of there. The waiter comes back only to let us know his card has been declined. He has no cash, so I pay for our meal.

It’s only 8 p.m. and all my other friends are out having a good time with their dates. Our ride home is just as awkward as previously. His car smells like the wine on my dress. We get to my place and I invite him in which is when he felt the need to remind me, “We’re only friends remember?” I act fine and thank him for the nice night of me paying for our meal and walk by myself into my apartment. It’s only 8:30 p.m. so I think I’m going to eat some ice cream and maybe watch “The Notebook.”