Biff the Bobcat Disappears

This past week a big question was raised around campus when someone realized “Hey where is Biff the Bobcat?” Yes, that’s right ASMSU Presidential candidate of 2013 Biff the Bobcat has disappeared. Previously thought to be on holiday after his major loss, it’s suddenly been revealed he has been missing this whole time.

When asked about his recent absence, Campaign Manager Natasha Duglous responded “We are actually very concerned that he is missing and have no idea where he could have gone.” One MSU student thought he had seen Biff on a hike, but mistook for a wild bobcat not affiliated with MSU in any way for Biff.

Duglous also added “There is no reason why he would just get up and walk away from MSU. Someone must’ve had a hand in this.”

Biff the Bobcat was also a news broadcaster for the MSU Exponent, and when the office was asked about his appearance no one had any response. Some students blame the Exponent for his loss and one student even said, “All they care about in that office is themselves and not others.”

No one will know if the sly and graceful bobcat will make his presence known, and if anyone has information about our beloved bobcat please contact The Exponent. Please do not approach him; he can be a little stiff.