MSU bathroom shortage leads to $100,000 for new facilities

If you see lines around campus, it’s not a famous star that people are waiting to meet, it’s the toilet. Yes, MSU campus has experienced a major shortage in bathrooms recently, due to the rise in apps on students’ cell phones. Students are spending four to five times the amount of time in the bathroom, due to the rising popularity of Facebook, Pinterest and StumbleUpon

When Engineering student Jake Ike was asked about the problem, he grinned and explained “I usually wait an hour between classes. So I go to the bathroom, squat down and open up Facebook to enjoy some MSU Confessions, then bam, an hour goes by and it’s time for class.”

The sudden rise in full bathrooms on campus has MSU scared people will be late for class, or even worse, some messy floors. A plan is in effect to spend $100,000 for new bathrooms to spread around campus. Mike Gee, a faculty member from the Photo Department responded, “Every time I go to the bathroom, I find all the stalls full and hear notifications from students phones coming from them. I also had one experience where I heard a camera shutter go off. I don’t know what they are Instagramming, but it isn’t food.”

It has even gone so far that faculty members have tried shutting down the school Wi-Fi to lower the number of people using their cellphones, but no such luck has come from these efforts.

The the shortage has become so much of a problem MSU rented 35 porta-potties to place around campus, but none have been used, due to cold weather and being way too close to passing by students.

The proposed plan will be sent to the ASMSU Senate to be voted on, and people are racing for it to be implemented. It’s either that, or people will be racing down the street to use the bathroom.