Gamer’s Paradise: Paradise Awards for 2013

Welcome back gamers! I hope you all had a good break and lots of games over the holidays. Before we start off another year in gaming, I would like to first give out some awards for the games that came out in 2013. I decided to give away three awards and honorable mentions in the categories; “Biggest Upset,” “Biggest Disappointment” and “Game of the Year.”

           The first category is “Biggest Upset,” which goes to a game that defied everyone’s expectations because of either previously failed prequels or low budget company. The award goes to “Tomb Raider” developed by Crystal Dynamics. Crystal Dynamics took its latest “Tomb Raider” in a direction which pleased fans and regular gamers. This gritty reboot with its awesome gameplay kept me occupied through spring break last year and definitely gave me high hopes for the future of our strong, beautiful archaeologist Lara Croft. Honorable mention for this award goes to “Gone Home” developed by the indie developer The Fullbright, which came out of nowhere and surprised gamers with uncontrollable emotions: You can find this game on the PC, Mac or Linux.

           The next award isn’t actually a good award to get, “Biggest Disappointment” is where a game was overly hyped or just failed to deliver what the developers promised. I decided this was easily won by DICE’s “Battlefield 4.” This game was supposed to beat out the longtime leader in first person shooters “Call of Duty” but sadly didn’t. “Battlefield 4” was so buggy that it made the game unplayable. I was constantly kicked from games and lost save files, and having a gun that was invisible made it hard to hit an enemy. Honorable mention goes to “Aliens; Colonial Marines” developed by Gearbox Software which made an intense and scary universe very childlike and quite unplayable, a real bummer for this long time “Alien” fan.

        The finale award is “Game of the Year.” This goes to the game that was so good you just had to play it all. The award goes to “The Last of Us” developed by Naughty Dog. This game had an amazing story which had me crying two or three times and had my heart racing. The gameplay was spot on and something we haven’t seen in a post-apocalyptic world: surviving on scavenging and crafting tools to help you fight off humans and the fungal, zombie-like creatures. The voice acting also added a level of immersion Naughty Dog always does so well. The honorable mention goes to none other than the Rockstar developed “GTA V” the most anticipated game all year, breaking records and taking names, this company deserves the name Rockstar.

           Last year was a great year for gaming, but I see a bright future for 2014. The new consoles should whip out some very amazing games. Keep your heads up and look for these titles: “Destiny,” “Dark Souls 2,” “Titanfall,” “Kingdom Hearts 3” and “Watch Dogs.”