College Senior checks into Rehab for Serious Skiing Addiction

It has been reported MSU Senior named Hal Aryuss has checked into rehab. Not for drugs, alcohol or sex, but for the most unusual addiction of all: skiing.

“I’ve always loved skiing,” said 23-year-old Aryuss in an interview. “I have been doing it since I was nine. It’s a tradition in my family.”

Ever since coming to MSU to major in engineering, Aryuss and his friends would go skiing at Big Sky every year, and all possible days of the year—even on days where it snowed unexpectedly. Despite his extreme, life-long passion for skiing, Hal’s hobby has caused him some problems in recent years.

“I failed most of my classes,” he recalled. “I focused more on skiing more than studying or my major. The college has sent me mail explaining if I don’t go to class and do any of my studying, I’m gonna fail out and not receive my degree.”

“My girlfriend left me for a medical student who’s richer and more dedicated than I am,” he continued on. “I’m behind on college payments, and I spent most of the money my family gave me to pay for school on season passes. They even stopped giving me money once they found out. My friends have stopped hanging out with me, I’m behind on rent and on second thought, I’m not going to bore you guys with my personal drama anymore, so I’m just gonna get to the point: I checked into rehab.”

Aryuss checked into the Peter Andy Wolf Rehabilitation Center Dec. 17, and attended four weeks of therapy sessions.

Hal Aryuss is currently focusing on studying, going to class more, working part-time to catch up on his payments, and finishing his engineering degree this year. According to his friends, Hal is doing better now, but they don’t know when he might slip into the white powder again.