NASAD visit sparks Chaos


Last week, the college of Arts and Architecture had a very special visit from the NASAD (National Association of Schools of Arts and Design), to inspect the college and check to see if it is up to accreditation standards.

The NASAD visited with the faculty, reviewing what’s going well and what isn’t. They also held a meeting with students, which sparkd an uproar. One student from the Graphic Design department lashed out about the facilities, complaining, “The toilet paper here is so thin I have to fold it 10 times to get one ply.” Another student from the Music Department complained, “If I have to play Hallelujah one more time, I will go crazy.” A film student yelled, “Where am I?”

The only department not to file a complaint was the Photo Department; they use expired darkroom paper for toiletries and listen to Phish. It is unsure if the students’ complaints will be addressed, but if we had to guess, the answer would be “no.”