“Fodder: Work that Feeds” raises awareness of hunger through local art

“Food security,” the term used to denote whether or not someone can afford a regular diet, should never be taken lightly. During periods of low food security, many families often turn to food banks. The Gallatin Valley is no exception, with one out of every eight people in Bozeman utilizing the food bank at some point during the year.

The Gallatin Valley Food Bank, the Tart Gallery and Nova Café have formed an alliance to help promote awareness of hunger and the importance of the local food bank. Together, the three have created an art show singularly focused on food titled, “Fodder: Work that Feeds.”

“Fodder: Work that Feeds” enlisted artists who Visscher already represents, as well as those who applied to be in the show. This year, the featured art bounces from silly to helpful, but every piece relates to food. Each artist highlights different aspects based on their interpretation. Pieces vary from ceramic dishes listing recipes to a large sculptural turnip.

The price of the art is meant to be reasonable, some items are listed for as little as $22. There is also a cash donation jar in the Tart Gallery if you are not looking to purchase anything, but still want to donate to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank.

[pullquote align=”right”]“The collaborative element, where we’re working with the Nova and the Food Bank and the artists makes it so fun to see what they come up with. It’s very community building.” – Same[/pullquote]

Nova Café Owner Anna Visscher said “Fodder” is meant to take place around Thanksgiving, “when people are being grateful for what they have and may give a little to those who don’t have as much as we do.” When asked about any challenges in creating “Fodder,” Visscher mentioned, “It’s all been scarily smooth. Some shows are a struggle to put up, but this has just been really easy; people are so enthusiastic about it.”

This is the second year of “Fodder” and Visscher sees no end in sight. Visscher pointed out, “The collaborative element, where we’re working with the Nova, the Food Bank and the artists, makes it so fun to see what they come up with. It’s very community building.”

“Fodder: Work that Feeds” features work at the Tart Gallery (located in the Emerson Cultural Center) and the Nova Café. Pieces are available for purchase at the Tart Gallery until Dec. 11 and at the Nova Café until Jan. 1, and 5 percent of all proceeds from the artwork go toward the Gallatin Valley Food Bank. For more information, call the Tart Gallery at 406-582-0416.