My Dark Descent into Amnesia

I will start by saying I hate horror games and do not play them voluntarily. I love a great game, but I’ve had to pass up on some good ones — like Dead Space and Demon Souls — because of how scared I get. But it seems as though my editor has a different life planned for me. At his behest, I grew a pair and played the terrifyingly spooky game, “Amnesia: The Dark Descent.”

In this game, you wake up stumbling and repeating your name, as if you are losing your mind right at that very moment. Suddenly, a red splatter appears on your floor and it’s your job to investigate the situation. Left with limited tinder (matches) and an oil lamp with limited fuel to light your way, it’s your job to discover who you are, where you are and what is haunting the abandoned mansion.

This game has great mechanics. To open doors, you have to click and move your mouse, just like you would hold on a real handle. You also have to stay in the light to keep your sanity or else you start to see things that are not there, just like in real life.

The one-and-only way to play a scary game is in a completely dark room with headphones that block all sound, and a good pair of adult diapers. This way, the scares are much more intense and your heart rate is through the roof; it’s the only way to play scary games.

I am not going to lie, this game was incredible scary. And it’s not the imagery that’s frightening; it’s the intense sounds and objects falling off shelves that are the worst. At one point, I heard a growl from something sinister and I slammed every key on the keyboard screaming “NO NO NO, I HEARD A NOISE, NOT COOL, NO NO NO!” I looked around every corner slowly, closing my eyes, hoping I wouldn’t see anything. I also never wanted to turn around because I knew something was lurking in the shadows behind me. This game forces you to go exactly where you don’t want to go: into the dark.

The suspense is intense, the controls are great and the graphics aren’t bad either. The story is great as well, but it is a long game — one that I refuse to finish. If you love scary games, or just want to raise your pulse, then get this game. I give “Amnesia: The Dark Descent” a heart-wrenching, mind-boggling, pants-changing 9 out of 10. And to the editors: I haven’t been able to sleep since.