QSA holds third annual Rainbow Ball

Imagine getting to re-do something, or having the bliss of being able to hit the rewind button. Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) wants MSU students to be able to do just that by putting on its third annual Rainbow Ball.

The Ball takes place “to give students a second chance at their high school prom,” noted Sonja Benton, a long-time member and Treasurer of QSA who helped organize the event. For some members of the student body, going to their high school prom with a same-sex date may have been met with disapproval.

“It’s an entirely non-threatening environment,” said Benton about the Ball, where you can dress up and bring a date of any gender. The Rainbow Ball will be held in the Emerson Ballroom, with a DJ, tables and centerpieces to create the prom atmosphere.

Tim Adams, a past president of QSA, originally organized the Rainbow Ball. It was initially held in the Baxter. “The Baxter was too small, and we got a lot more people than we expected. Last year it was a little kitschier, we had a lot of balloons, and it was held in the Emerson, which was a lot better venue.”

Setting up the Ball takes a lot of work, Benton said, but “it is fun because it’s not often in Bozeman that you get an experience to go out dancing to not swing music, at least if you’re not 21. I really encourage anybody to go,” she said, “it’s not just for gay people, definitely come if you’re an ally, just bring a date or go dancing with your friends!”

The Rainbow Ball will be held April 20 at the Emerson at 8 p.m. Tickets cost $6 for a single ticket and $10 for couples at the door. The dress code is semi-formal attire. Ages 18+ are welcome, and 21+ will have access to a full bar with ID.