Letter: Hot-boxing misrepresented

Dear Exponent,

In a recent edition, an article was published, albeit under the guise of being fake, covering the punishment of students caught “hot-boxing” a ceramics kiln. Although I greatly appreciated the originality of the piece, I was severely disappointed with its inaccuracy.

To be clear, “hot-boxing” involves the smoking of marijuana in an enclosed space to trap the fumes and maximize the effects. Another key fact: cannabis combusts at approximately 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

As reported, the students used a low-fire wood kiln fired at cone 04, which would reach a temperature of around 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. This would render the marijuana completely useless. Adding to my frustrations, the article then quoted the imaginary students as calling the contraption a vaporizer even though the temperature for the vaporization of cannabis is 300 degrees lower than its auto ignition point. Apparently, this article was indeed intended to stretch the imagination.

The green culture at MSU is already severely underrepresented, and it is false reporting such as this that distances us even further from the greater student population. The writer of the piece even failed to notice the blatant connection between his own name and a favorite smoking device. Maybe it’s just me, but Blunt Zundel seems obvious.

– A Concerned Engineer