Theory’s third issue launches at the Loft

The sleek, cosmopolitan setting of the Loft Spa provided Theory Magazine the opportunity to show Bozeman how to throw a hip party last Saturday. But Theory did more than just celebrate for its third issue launch party — it demonstrated its involvement and future potential in the art community.

What started as Brian Thabault’s graphic design thesis project in 2012 has become a magazine that encompasses almost every form of art, from poetry to photography. Thabault and Ashley Moon jointly run the magazine, conducting most of the interviews and keeping Theory moving forward along with their dedicated staff. Thabault says that for Theory, “the ultimate goal is to create a viable resource for art,” as well as to raise awareness of local artists.

Theory’s launch parties do something that the magazine alone cannot do, however. They give people a chance to meet and see the artists and make the Theor

Artist Nathan Ira performs. Photo by Emma Nelson.
Artist Nathan Ira performs. Photo by Emma Nelson.

experience multi-dimensional. Almost everybody in attendance had heard of Theory before the party and thought the party did a good job of highlighting the magazine.

At the Loft launch party, Theory took its 2-D magazine and website concept and expanded upon the idea of making art accessible. By hosting these parties with some of their featured artists present, they show that they want to give our community more opportunities to embrace art.

Megan Hamilton, a graphic designer and musician currently living and working in Minneapolis, commented that “the party is similar to an event in a city — relevant, hip. It’s cool that there are people doing this.” Another attendee from Minnesota, Benjamin Jackson, approved of how “progressive” the party was for Bozeman, noting, “My only suggestion would be to have these more often.”

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