Study reveals dishwashing habits

A recent study by MSU researchers found that college-aged roommates will actually do the dirty dishes they generate, but “in order to ensure maximum cleanliness and efficiency, they have to let them soak first.” Alleged dish-soakers denied that this was simply a way to procrastinate, while also refuting any connection between the soaking process and the episodes of “Alaska State Troopers” they were currently streaming on Netflix.

The most difficult aspect of the survey was preventing “clean freak” roommates from washing other people’s dishes, although the data set for how long they could wait before freaking out and deep-cleaning the kitchen also proved interesting.

The mean soak time for dirty dishes was 42 hours, while the mean wait time for clean freaks was 40 minutes.

The study concluded by noting that dish-soakers will be a little late on rent this month and “wouldn’t mind” if their clean-freak roommates studied in the library instead of at home.