Internet Studies major established

The College of Letters & Science will offer a new major in Internet Studies this fall.Among the initial courses offered will be “Professional Facebooking,” “Pirating Films and Music” and a seminar on cute cat videos. Naturally, all of the courses will only be offered online.

The head professor of the major, Dr. Boobinator605, hopes this major will help prepare students for a lifetime of facebooking, redditing, tumbling and other worthwhile endeavors. He also noted, “It’s certainly a more useful degree than Philosophy.” It is rumored that Boobinator605 knows the online celebrity Maru on a first name basis, and President Cruzado has expressed confidence that “Directed under his blood-shot eyes, there is no question that our students will succeed in this new major.”

Students interested in the major should not bother talking to any professors or advisors in person, but simply Google it (but don’t Bing it) and apply online.