Food Bazaar offers concentrated culture

Bozeman is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Montana, and the International Street Food Bazaar provides a place for those cultures to unite. A long tradition at MSU, the bazaar has taken place annually for 30 years and continues to grow. The event is huge, and the experience is worth every penny.

Each of the 32 booths at the event represents one country and serves food native to that country. Ranging from $1-5 in price, the food is served in small portions to give patrons a chance to experience as many different cultures as possible, although many come back every year for the same scrumptious morsels.

While food tantalizes taste buds in the SUB Ballrooms this Saturday, the Union Market will be filled with entertainment. Several international students will dance or sing pieces from their culture on a stage set up specifically for the event. This year, one of the featured performances is  a traditional Mongolian dance by a very talented seven-year-old.  Other acts will include Salsa dances and African drum performances.

The food bazaar is made possible through  the hard work of MSU’s international students, event coordinators and kitchen staff. “Students want to share what they have,” said Heather Dolan, one of the many event organizers. “The food bazaar is a place for them to share that openly.”

MSU has 600 international students from 75 different countries and the bazaar is one of the few places these students can come together and showcase their culture. “The international students are so excited about it,” stated International Specialist Geraldine Govaerts. “They prepare for it for months. They talk about it years after.” She added that attending community members “can feel the energy and the enthusiasm.”

Luckily for skiers and others with daytime interests, the event is from 4 – 7 p.m. on Saturday Feb. 16, so it won’t interfere with ski schedules. Tickets for this event cost up to $4 for those who do not attend MSU, but tickets are free for MSU students with a valid CatCard. However, the cost of food is separate from the entrance fee so you may want to bring a good number of $1 bills to buy food at a variety of booths.

If food allergies or preferences are a concern, all the ingredients in each dish will be posted and dishes with V’s next to them on the menu will be vegetarian.