bozemanSYNC: An app for local living

Last September, Kyle Steiner had an idea: “How can we take everything great about Bozeman and put it in the palm of your hand?”

Steiner brought the idea to his business partner in Key Listener Productions, a company formed in 2011 that specializes in digital technology, and the intriguing question has spawned into “bozemanSYNC,” what Steiner hopes will become Bozeman’s ultimate smartphone app.

“This is the first time we built an app from the ground up,” Steiner said. “We wanted to create a central location for locals and tourists to go to while in Bozeman or before they get to Bozeman. With all the great features that we have, travelers can plan in advance or locals can constantly be in the know.”

Designing the app has taken some time, Steiner said, because “We want people to be constantly using it, so we have to create the ultimate experience for the user.”

In developing the app, the people at Key Listener Productions — mostly MSU students — have worked to “promote local business based on how they want to promote themselves.” Steiner said involving MSU is a priority “because students are key to us, and it’s important that the school’s embraced.”

The app’s calendar was created through collaboration with the Downtown Bozeman Association. “We took their calendar and added features to it that didn’t exist,” Steiner explained, “and we’re allowing you to look months in advance and subscribe to an event.” Additionally, stores who sign up for their own page can send out push notifications for special events. “For example, if a bar is celebrating a Bobcat victory, they can send out that they’re having $1.00 off drinks,” Steiner said. “We are really tapping into the idea that your smartphone is the thing that is always on you — you won’t forget it. We are creating a direct link between the business and the customer.”

Considering the popularity of smartphone apps these days, “We don’t see this doing anything but great things,” Steiner said.

bozemanSYNC is a free app that will launch on March 1 for Apple iOS devices, with versions for Android and other devices in weeks to come. Visit for more information.